Friday, 30 December 2016

2016......The Baby, The Breakup and The New Beginning!

Ey Up,
I write this firstly with an apology for my lack of presence during the last few months and even with the Autumn and Winter Challenge still going i feel the need to extend it throughout 2017.

The truth is that 2016 has been an eventful year not only in my personal life but also in the media with near enough all my childhood memorable celebrities passing away firstly the legend that is David Bowie followed by Alan Rickman, Cilla Black, Victoria Wood and of course very recently George Michael, Carrie Fisher and of the legend Mrs Cropley Liz Smith! From leaving the EU in which I did vote to leave and also the shooting of a gorilla!

My son Arthur was born in May this year and from a shit storm him joining the world has been the only positive event! Those of you that read my diary earlier on this year will know that my relationship broke down very early on whilst I was still pregnant. To me the relationship had its ups and downs but the damage caused in the last few months was irreparable and devastating to me personally and totally knocked any ounce of confidence I had. Both myself George and Bump moved into my mums house for three months and then was lucky enough to rent our own house just over the road by this time Arthur had joined us and we became a 3 in our little house. I went from being what I thought was a happy normal relationship to being a single mum of two and in a different home on our own very quickly and rapidly I had to adjust to being a one parent family and literally doing everything! Anyone who has been in this situation my heart goes out to you as the pain of trying to survive whilst trying to be positive for your children with the added bonus of ultimate heartbreak on top is unreal and very hard to pull off.
The nights I have cried and asked myself 'Why me?' 'What did I do?' 'What's wrong with me?' notice that in all of these I am referring to me being the one with the issue and it's taken me a good 6 months to actually get my head around that I have done nothing wrong, I'm still fabulous and that sometimes you can honestly just love the wrong person and get your heart broken. Not only do you lose your partner but your best friend, another family and life as your knew it you are actually grieving for someone who is still actually around. As we move into 2017 I am feeling much more positive with the help of my awesome family and friends I could honestly not ask for a better support network from advice, to help with the kids and generally just keeping me up when I thought I was drowning.
I lost everything my confidence, my mojo, my love of blogging and my take on what I thought life was and now that I have had sometime to re-evaluate my self respect and the way life should be I feel I can come back into the the bloggesphere and enjoy being Mrs Pud again and write in my way not in the robotic way I feel I have for the past year. I can't promise at the moment that my life will allow me to blog everyday, nor do i think my confidence is back for a fashion post as yet but I hope to be back on form soon.
So here's to the old cliche but 'NEW BEGINNINGS' for 2017 (shout CHEERS very loudly) and I will have one if not for the children but for me..... I need it. I need closure and things to look forward to again, I need to feel confident in my own skin, in my writing and also in our future.
Thanks for reading you bunch of lovelies......Here's to taking a different path but not because I thought I would but  because I have had to!

If any of my lovely readers have been in a similar situation I'd love to hear from you!

Toodle Pip!

Yorkshire Pud xx

p.s I will do my competition draw in the new year!

p.p.s All the best show your breasts!

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

#33 Find your perfect winter bag/baby bag.......Primark Limited Edition

Hey beautifuls,

So the the challenge continues....with #33 Find my perfect Winter Bag/Baby Bag.
Well after much consideration and research. Research meaning I checked what I have and I currently have 0 handbags (bout 20+ 'going out bags') but nothing that I'd class as an all round day bag. However I do have 3 baby bags so I felt this challenge only right to be one for me.

So here it is......
Primark Limited Addition Leather Bag
And as the Title of this blog post states....This is a Limited Edition bag from Primark.......Yes i shall say it again if you didnt hear/read correctly this is a LIMITED EDITION bag from Primark. I'm not making it up honest! To be fair I didn't even know that Primark did anything limited addition! The reason I fell in love with it is because it has every colour that I love (Black, Brown & Dark Red) on it and I am a bit of a lover of the old Leopard  Print...My friends do like to call me 'Bet Gilroy' from time to time (Old Coronation Street Barmaid) due to my love of this wonderful print. The bag is real leather and had a price tag of a whole £22! Which I think is steep for Primark however I did by it with my Birthday money and I absolutely fell in love with it the moment I saw it. As my readers know I do love a bargain but this really took my fancy it did.
The bag is quite big (Room for baby stuff just over A4 size) and comes with a small handle at the top and also a long handle to give you the option of wearing it over the shoulder to free up the hands which you need being a mummy in fact you need more hands! And as an added extra it comes with a protective bag so at the end of usage,winter or if you want to store it you can and it will stay pristine and dust free!
The bag also has a pair of gloves to match it however I didn't buy these as they looked a bit like patchwork and too busy for gloves so bought myself the old faithful black leather gloves so I can look like Richard Hillman (Yet another old Murderous Character from Coronation Street!) and no need to take off when driving. Is it my age or should driving gloves become mandatory? Ha ha it's instant poshness.

So there you have it a beautiful winter bag that can be used for my things and baby things while still looking fabulous. I would give it a rating of 9/10 and that's only because I feel it should have more dividing sections/pockets inside it for it's size.

Toddle Pip

Yorkshire Pud xxx

P.s Have you found your perfect winter bag yet?
P.p.s This is Bet Gilroy from Coronation Street..

And this is Richard Hillman...
Nuff Said!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

#28 Carve a pumpkin......Well most of It (but links with challenge #24 Soup!)

Hey Buttercups!

Number 28 on my list of 50 Things to do in Autumn & Winter Challenge.....Carve a Pumpkin...Happy Halloween.

So yeah this one is a bit late but we did it and by we I mean me and George dug out the middle! and George and his dad then carved it out!
This was the first year me and George had done anything like this together as George's attention span and strength are greatly jeopardised by his illness (Rubinstein Taybi) so it was officially amazing!
We both washed our hands and got cracking! I've kept the inside and going to make this into a soup tomorrow so that should be number 24 off my list of challenges also! Exciting times are ahead haha.

Not a bad effort! Hopefully Arthur will get involved too next year!

Toodle Pip!

Yorkshire Pud xxx

P.s Did you do something fantastic with your pumpkin this year?

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Yorkshire Pud's Christmas Gift Giveaway! (Worth over 50 quid!)

Hey Lovelies
So to start off the new month and with only just over 7 weeks to go till Christmas I feel the need to help and do a little giveaway of gifts in order for you to either one... use them to send out to your lovely friends and family or two... keep them all to yourself and give yourself a big smile!! Mine mine mine!

Just look at this lot! Loads of princesses, fairies, cartoons, retroness and unicorns of course! Who wouldn't want to win all this for nowt (as we say in Yorkshire!).......More pics and full gift list below the competition box.

This competition will be running until 1st of December 2016 so you have loads of time to enter and you can earn extra entries daily by giving a tweet a day on twitter. The winner will be selected at random by rafflecopter so don't forget to leave any details asked for so I can get in touch with your lovely face if you're the winner of this lot!

And here we go!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
So this is what you'll be getting...
1. Christmas Elf/Fairy/Pixie Door.
2. Key for your Fairy Door.
3. Stripey Paper Scroll for you to put your Christmas list on.
4. Flat wooden red glitter present for decoration.
5. Green glitter fairy dust.
6. Pricess Belle from Beauty & the Beast Glitter Keyring.
7. Powerpuff Girls Keyring.
8. My Little Pony Unicorn Necklace.
9. Cath Kidston Print Ditsy Christmas Necklace.
10. Crazy Unicorn Lady Keyring with detachable Silver Plated unicorn charm.
11. Flat wooden red glitter present for decoration.
12. Flat wooden silver glitter present for decoration.
13. 2 x Packets of Ghostbusters Popping Candy.
14. Ariel The Little Mermaid Keyring with Starfish Charm.
15. 3 x Disney Princess Nail Files/Emery Boards Cinderella, Rapumzel, Ariel.
16. Pair of Pokemon Pikachu Socks.
17. Ariel The Little Mermaid Socks
18. Little Princess Secret Notebook with Pen and Lock 
Once the giveaway has been drawn I shall be in touch for an address to send these beauties to you. This giveaway is worldwide so please join in from all corners of the globe and will be sent recorded or tracked post.

Good luck! and Toodle Pip!

Yorkshire Pud xxx

P.s Have you told your mates about this awesome giveaway?

#50 Enjoy my birthday!! Not a hard one but it's happening this month! (50 is optional! hahaha)

Hey lovelies,

So back on with the challenge after an eventful October....Where is time going?? Number 50 of the Autumn and Winter 2016 Challenge...Enjoy my birthday!

So yeah I turned the ripe old age of 36 on the 23rd of October and to be fair I don't feel my age and never have! haha. I'm still currently around the age of 19 in my head. How's about you? Physically though I'm starting to feel it and need to get off my fat arse and do a bit more exercise but with 2 small children it's hard to be fair but gonna try and give something a go soon.

Here are a few photo's from my birthday.....

Charlie - Did this on my Lightbox (Addicted!)
Me, Charlie and Lilli enjoying the fancy dress in Home Bargains!

Lilli - Clearly looking amused at the head wear she was sporting!

The table at my (Mr & Mrs C's) Parents set out with Elsa from
Frozen napkins and table cloth......What else?

And to finish off the evening my Unicorn Fairy Rainbow Cake!!
Made by Mr C!

And here again in the light.....Oh my days how amazing?!?!?!
Everything I love all in one cake.

 Very quiet lovely day but very childlike clearly!

So the challenge continues and as I stated above I need to get my arse into gear as of today only 4 months left!

Peace out!

Yorkshire Pud xxx

Sunday, 2 October 2016

#21 - Start a new craft....Fairy Doors!

Hey there lovelies,
So as part of my new 50 Things to do in Autumn & Winter Challenge 2016 I have decided to have a go at #21 - Start a new craft research and see where it goes. Well to be fair I started this a couple of weeks ago but it is relatively new so thought I would use this for that challenge.

So the craft is Fairy Doors if you had not got this from the title. I've had a fairy door in my bedroom now for a couple of months. As you know I love all things magical and even at my age every fairy needs a door to be able to get into your house! hahaha.

So like the title says research your new craft....

What is a fairy door? 

A fairy door is a decrotive item that is place in the home or garden usually on a skirting board or base of a tree and it supposed to symbolise and exit and entry as to where fairies can come in and out of your life without being seen.....Magical right?

You don't only just have to have a door you can also create a little space around your door with fun items in order to give your fairy something to do when the arrive. There are loads of companies should you have a butchers through google to find one online or you could support local businesses and visit local craft emporiums like where I have a stand at The Indie Arcade in Sheffield. My Fairy Doors and Accessories will be there soon!

So what does a fairy door look like?

All pictures taken from Google Images

So As you can see these are magical little items that can bring lots of magic into your home. If you're like me and believe that magic should never leave your imagination or home then these are the items for you as you need to be involved as an adult to to keep the magic going for things like the Tooth Fairy, Christmas Elves etc....And as you can see you don't just have to stop at the door you can add all sorts of little accessories to your door space for more ideas visit my Pinterest Board that I update with new things I find about these magical decorations.

So I have started making a few of these already and also have my own fairy space of which I will post pictures of all very soon.


Yorkshire Pud xxx

Saturday, 1 October 2016

50 Things To Do In Autumn and Winter Challenge!.........2nd Time Lucky!

Hey Lovelies!
Well its officially the beginning of October and I'm officially starting this blog post a month late however let try and have a crack at it. I tried to do this 4 years ago (Blog post here) but failed miserably but I have been wanting to do it again ever since but 2 children, 2 house moves later and I feel I'm ready to have another crack at it.
I've adapted this list in order for it to fit in more with family life however if you don't have children and want to have a bash see the one from the old blog post above. You'll see the ones I've changed as some are virtually impossible with little ones. i.e Number 1 in the old list is...Have a Duvet Day! #nochancenow Hahaha. If you are doing it please leave me your Blog/Twitter etc details below so I can have a nosey.
This challenge will have it's own page in the sidebar so you can have a nosey yourself when things are completed.


Yorkshire Pud xx

#1 Get orgnaised in the home (This can be anything!)
#2 Experiment with Winter Makeup/Nail Varnish
#3 Enjoy some fireworks!
#4 Have a gathering with friends and family
#5 Bake something...This should be fun!
#6 Turn the bathroom into a spa for yourself.
#7 Go for walks......wherever the pram wheels can go!
#8 Check everyone's hat glove and scarf situation ready for the cold.
#9 Have a face mask 
#10 Collect woodland treats to make Christmas decor
#11 Experiment with different types of tea
#12 Survey your/the local horse chestnut trees for conkers
#13 Send out 5 thank you cards – Just thanking people for anything!
#14 Go to the theatre or a show 
#15 Wear your biggest cuddliest jumper! Or find one!
#16 Watch a classic film that I haven’t seen before 
#17 Make the ultimate Sunday Roast 
#18 Find some charity shop bargains for you or the home.
#19 Throw out all my holey tights and invest in new ones - heavy deniers welcome!
#20 Find and watch some good TV box-sets and review
#21 Start a new craft...Research and see where it goes!
#22 Make some Christmas crafts with the kids.
#23 Make some preserves - these could be little favours for friends
#24 Make a big batch of soup
#25 Do something for you!
#26 Make a Christmas playlist.
#27 Do crafts with friends/kids
#28 Carve a pumpkin...Happy Halloween!
#29 Have lunch in a country pub, Yorkshire puddings and the lot!
#30 Surprise someone with a morning coffee and breakfast in bed 
#31 Get re-aquainted with my PJ's
#32 Watch 'Arthur Christmas' ...Great as my boy is called Arthur!
#33 Find your perfect winter bag/baby bag
#34 Brew some mulled wine
#35 Update an old piece of furniture
#36 Prepare an autumnal/winter care package for my cupboard 
#37 Get some new winter slippers
#38 Keep the sweet jar stocked, in case of emergencies
#39 Make an autumn/winter craft feature for my home
#40 Make a stew using the great Autumn root veggies available
#41 Do some top notch Christmas wrapping with a few crafty pieces
#42 Get in the snow! (If it does if not create some!) 
#43 Go to a Christmas Market/Fair
#44 Do something for Charity
#45 Find out all my Christmas Film Collection and watch.
#46 Decorate and make your Christmas Tree look fabulous this year!
#47 What's your style? if you don't know find one or who's your icon?
#48 Do something cultured by going to a museum/gallery or point of interest.
#49 Blog photographs of my city and post about it
#50 Enjoy my birthday!! Not a hard one but it's happening this month!
(50 is optional! hahaha)

..........And Breathe!