Well where do I start!?...........
Currently in my thirties (36) and still deciding what I'm going to do with my life although I have a more direct feeling of where my life is heading it's still open to suggestion. I'm now a single mum  to two beautiful boys George & Arthur. All ok now so this blog is now from the new me the one who has built her own castle pays her own fucking bills and lives her life!

I started blogging around 3/4 years ago in order to basically put what was going on in my crazy mind down on paper/laptop! From then on I've put a few things down and it's only truly now I'm letting myself go with it and not be too worried about criticism or failure (Something that's inevitable in blogging at some point) but this is now where I choose not to give a shit.

I gave birth to our beautiful baby son George in November 2013 and as the months went on we realised something just wasn't quite right with George (although he was perfect to us) we then found out when he was 10 months old that he had got a very rare genetic syndrome called Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome or also known RTS. This obviously turned our lives around and for the last year our son has become the forefront of my time meaning my blog has taken a bit of a hammering by hammering I mean lack of posts and general fun. However now fulling understanding the syndrome and George going from strength to strength this has made me aware how much I miss my blog and now I have the time to spend on it.
Arthur Spencer was born on the 30th of May 2016 and is a wonderful addition to my little family!

I currently run a little shop on Ebay in which I sell my creations from jewellery, crafts and party supplies. So please feel free to have a nosey here or it's in the tab pages on my blog. Its my passion to bring a smile to the faces of my buyers and I try to do that with each order.
I love parties, crafts, princesses, fairies and pretties! I generally live my adult life as a child as I feel I missed out on too much on my own.

People/Places in this blog..

George - My gorgeous little boy! Who brings joy and smiles to our lives everyday.

Arthur - My beautiful baby son who is soooooo funny even at this young age cant wait for the future giggles!

Gareth - The Best friend any girl could want!

Charlie - My little wonderful ginger beautiful sister.

Lilli - My other little sister who makes me chuckle constantly

Please feel free to have a butchers around my blog and feel free to ask me anything! Details of how to contact me are on the tab at the top!

Yorkshire Pud xxx