Is this relationship/friendship toxic? Am I dealing with a toxic person? (5 signs)

Ey up! So we all know these types of people they can be anyone in our lives from friends, partners, parents, aunties, uncles, the next door neighbour and so literally i mean everyone and anyone! How close you let yourself become or be with this person is entirely your choice but please be ready for a rough ride

So what is a Toxic Person?....Anyone who threatens your joy or self esteem. They tend to be negative about anything and generally when any joy does come their way it doesn't last very long! So they move on to their next target. They will be very nice, inviting and even charming at first in order to get you hooked....then BOOOOOOM! You are done for! Absolute bastards!!!

Control Issues and Manipulation
The person is rigid and always wants his or her way. You find yourself complying just to keep the peace. They have a way of making you feel like everything is your fault and questioning everything you do. They tend to make you feel like you're in control when really they are letting you feel that way then to only be able to spin it round at the drop of a hat.

Communication Difficulties and Expressing Feelings
Anytime you express concerns or a different opinion, you are met with some form of manipulation or anger. These people tend not to be able to express their opinion without getting angry or also trying to turn it round so that it's your fault. They will also bring irrelevant details into an argument from years ago in order to make you have to rethink what your issues are again....never ending.

Making you feel on the edge and not being supportive
Because of his or her behaviour, you walk on eggshells. You must justify everything and you can't ever be yourself. You feel that you need to wait for a specific time or place to be able to air your feelings on something that involves them and their behaviour as you are scared of the consequences or the toxic persons outbursts. You can be going through major events in your own life and they will not be there for you like you would expect that person to be.

Constant Criticism of You and Others
They generally tend you to bring you and others down constantly. If someone is doing well for themselves they will find the tiniest loophole in order to bring that person back down to their level. They can be very judgemental and will take a swing at your self esteem, they will constantly make fun of you and when you actually get fed up and retaliate you will be up against comments like 'just kidding' or 'only joking'.....It was funny the first time not the 100th?!?
Victim Mentality
It's never thier fault everything and everyone is against them in the whole wide world. A toxic person will never admit their faults and if they do I am yet to find one that looks you straight in the eye with a sincere apology. They tend to cry crocodile tears in order to get your attention and shift the blame away from their wrong doing. If a toxic person gets that angry and punches a wall you will generally find that it was 'your fault' or it was 'the walls fault' for being in the wrong place at the wrong time haha! Its' NEVER their fault remember that.

If you can say yes to over 3 of the above you need to have a think and honestly either kick yourself in the fact for putting up with it or think and get ready to make changes! I will be posting on how to deal with these types of people in the next few days.

I have been involved with toxic people from aspects through my life and it's now I feel that I am at so much of a positive point with my Self Love that I now recognise the signs and would not tolerate it or them ever again.

Toodle Pip! xxxx