My 37th Year - Bring it on! #yp37

Howdy all!
Well as per my last post 37...What did I expect? You will have seen that I expected possibly to be in a totally different place to where I am now however I am loving the fact that my life is now a blank canvas and I can do exactly what I want to!Bring it on!

The above picture is my wall @ Yorkshire Pud HQ / Dining Room / Everything happens in this room! It is covered with lists of wonderful happy things to do, explore and mountains of self discovery. So I turn 37 on Monday and this is when this begins! And hopefully by the end of my 37th Year I shall have a clue of what I'm upto or what direction I'm heading and that's exciting.

To put the list together I went on my favourite app at the minute which is Pinterest and made this board here.......#YP37 so if you would like to join in it's all here!

Here's a snipet of some of the shit I'll be getting up to!
Looking forward to doing 163!! Hahaha

Anyone got any Scuba Diving gear?

Love a Christmas one! Make Borax Snoflakes?? Not sure?

So here it is! And I shall be sharing my discoveries, emotions and journey on here. Can't wait to get started. One of the main things I will be starting is a daily journal and I look forward to it.

Laters peeps bring on my 37th year!

Yorkshire Pud xxx