What the fuck is the Law of Attraction? An easy explanation and why do I keep banging on about it and living my life this way?

Hey All,
So what is it?
In short..... The Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person will bring positive or negative experiences into their lives. So like will attract like.
Rhonda Byrne - Author of The Secret (Amazing Book)

If you continuously think you're a wanker and that your life isn't worth the toilet roll you wipe your arse with....your life will not be worth the toilet roll you wipe your arse with...and wank.

If you keep a positive and open mind and think that anything is possible and be kind and look after yourself then.....your life will be open to creating what may seem impossible actually possible and kindness attracts kindness back!...Lovely stuff!

Does that make sense?

So I've been fully living my life like this now for the past 6 months, more so in the latter stages as it's taken me a while to change my way of thinking. After being at a rock bottom place last year, pregnant, single, jobless and homeless surely the only way was up? And indeed it was. I'm not going to lie to you I'm totally not at my peak but I'm damn sure on the way to getting there.

Another way to look at the Law of Attraction is that 'Thoughts become things' this is when you are really starting to play with it. Everyone is vibrating at a certain frequency (energy) if your frequency is high (positive, happy, ready to take on the world) then you attract the things you desire like a magnet.
If Albert Einstein was into this shit - Then so am I!
So as you can imagine there is so much more to LOA (Law of Attraction) Including the following that will not mean anything or maybe they will but I will be mentioning these more as the weeks go on.
Affirmations, Consciousness, The Ego/The Big Snooze, Energy, Intent/Intention, Gratitude, Manifest/Manifestation, Meditation, Source Energy/Universe, Subconcious, Vibration/Frequency, Visulisation, Self Love, Vortex, Well Being, Point of Attraction, Abundance
Until then stay positive and feel free to leave me a comment...Are you to at the start of this journey?

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