Team Badass - Self Confidence - What is Self Love?

So I've been a busy lady. You? 
I am totally at a point now where I feel I can start to share my stuff, experiences, tips and adventures with the Law of Attraction and basically loving my badass ass again.

So I started a small Facebook group called Team Badass and we are a few people who are sharing and spreading the love and helping to empower each other to live badass lives.

This week we are focusing on Self Confidence and Self Worth...

First of all this starts with Self Love.

What is Self Love?

The first step to building self confidence is having good self care and loving your badass self. How many of us can look in the mirror and say 'I love me!'? I have only just been able to do this and it is still a work in progress. 

Self love is making time for yourself and doing things you enjoy and being with/spending time with people who make you feel amazing.

Self love is making yourself a priority even if its just for 5 mins a day or 5 hours but it has to be about making YOU feel good.

Do you do this? Or do you struggle to get 5 seconds to yourself? At the moment I get about 10 mins to spend on me and this is something I'm working on.

Jen Sincero - Ultimate, Queen, Chief of Badassery

Do you practice self love or is this something you struggle with? Putting yourself as a priority at the bottom of your priority list?