Should we really care/give a fuck what anyone thinks about us?

In answer to my about title....the short answer is fuck NO! And I shall tell you for why....

What anyone thinks about us isn't our business and I know that sounds strange but it really isn't. If someone wants to have bad thoughts about us and tell others their opinion of us (Because yes it really is just an opinion) then let them. If they can find the time in their lives to talk about you in a negative way then let them! We can't control it as much as we would like to and possibly give someone a slap we can't if all they are doing is expressing an opinion. Same actually goes for those who talk highly of us although we don't have the urge to smack people in the face at this point we still have no control over what positive things they are saying and again it's none of our business.
Just a quick news flash....Not everyone is going to like us! Ooooh shock horror I bet when you read this!! And sooooo fucking what? How can you possibly please everyone? Even the Queen herself has lovers and haters for different reasons and that I'm afraid is just life. The reason why sits with the individual themselves they might not like the Queen because of their own beliefs about money and monarchy? Their mum might have always hated the Queen so they just have it instilled in them? Or they have been brought up in a family of pro monarchy Queen lovers and everything she does is awesome! Never the less whatever she does she will always be liked or disliked. And do you honestly think it bothers her one bit?.....does it bollocks!

1.Have you ever picked a top up in a shop and thought you love it but put it back down because you think others might hate it?
2. Have you ever untagged yourself out of a photo on Facebook because you were scared that people might not like the way you look on it?
3. Have you ever been in class, a mum's group or any other social gathering where you wanted to say something or ask a question but didn't cause you thought what you might say would sound stupid and lead you to ridicule whether in front of you or behind your back?

If you have answered yes to any of these 3 just take a minute to look at them from a different angle.

1. The top - If you like it you like it..simples and you will then feel good in that top and as you wear it....And whats more awesome than feeling good about yourself? Also if we were all the same and liked the same stuff how boring would life be?
2. Untagging yourself from photos - Who are you trying to impress? Yourself? Family? If its a respective partner I'm sure at some point they are going to see your face looking like you've stepped in dog shit or sucking on a lemon so why not just go with it and chances are people tend to have bad photos at some point and don't you think it makes you more real = more appealing?
3. Not speaking up - Maybe one of the other people in your group would like to ask the same thing? You get an answer you actually need instead of winging it? Just open your mouth already!

There are so many ways to give something a perspective if you can break through the negative thought pattern!

Personally I have just started doing live broadcasts on my Facebook page. As I go throughout my journey of self worth and believing and I'm loving it! I have no idea what I'm saying, it's my face worts and all, and I couldn't give a fuck what anyone thinks! I am yet to experience internet trolls however I'm sure they will appear and I will give them no thought as the good out weighs the bad....always! I am going to continue with these to gain confidence in just being me, no filters, no script no nothing and it really is life changing just talking absolute shit haha.

So do I give a fuck what anyone thinks.......NO! Enjoy life, Love yourself, push your boundaries and live it to the max because anyone who has had a bad word will not be at your funeral but the ones who love you will be, for who you truly are xxxx

Do you give a fuck?
Are you struggling with it? Leave a comment and get in touch.

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