Yorkshire Pud's Wanderlust - International

So call me weird but I kept hearing/reading this word Wanderlust and didn't actually know what it meant? However I always like the sound of it. So it wasn't until recently that I checked out what it actually meant. If you have been hiding behind a rock like me then here it is......
So after reading the definition of this magnificent word WANDERLUST I realised that I did have an irresistible impulse and desire to travel the world! I'm now 36 and to be honest I've never been any further than Egypt and I feel that most of my trips abroad (20's) have been booze fueled pool party wanker type ones where there has actually been no regards for culture just the sun, sea and sometimes sex! Haha. Then into my 30's they have become family holidays and quite rightly now I have my 2 boys but recently I honestly have this compulsive urge to travel and see places, take in the culture and the architecture and really appreciate a place rather than look for the nearest boozer.....It's never to late is it?
So I decided to work out where is was I exactly wanted to go where I had never been and here they are.....

So we got Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Iceland & Dublin - These are my first 6 wanderlusts! You're possibly looking at them thinking...What the fuck is she on about? These are the first 6 let me break myself in gently bloody hell! Hahaha. I'm on a mission to see these places before I hit the big 40!!! So here goes to my wanderlust and the next 3/4 years of getting there! 
I shall be adding this to my new vision board that I am making soon I promise and will blog. So manifesting can start! Law of Attraction! Like attracts like!
Have you been to any of these places? Do you have a recommended time of year etc..? Anyone fancy joining me?

**Pictures from Google and My Wanderlust Created by Me!