What the fuck is wrong with this world!? #Manchester

As I sit here wondering if I should actually get dressed this morning? because I look like a slob and what are we going to have for tea this evening and how healthy it's going to be? I reflect and think what the fuck does it actually matter? These things are insignificant as to what has just happened at the Manchester MEN! We live our lives to the full as much as we can by going out and about experiencing new things just to end up in a situation where we could lose our lives by visiting a place where we want to go for a good time? All because of a group of people who want to teach us a lesson or how life should be?

There will be parents this morning questioning the fact that they let their daughter/son go to a concert on their own even though they dropped them at the door and waited outside for them after giving them freedom. This is all a part of growing up. So not only have these fuckers changed the lives of those families of the people that died (My heart is going out to you) but also to those who survived this horrific attack as there parenting will now change and there will be people waking up with guilt who really don't need to have any!

Are we now saying that we shouldn't do anything anymore? Stay indoors? Make our own fun?......Bollocks to that!  The government sends out messages like stop smoking, eat healthy, exercise when really they should be protecting us from the real killers out there! There's only so much bullshit you can listen to. Am I right?

I finish this rant with sending massive love, hugs and condolences to all those involved in the Manchester 22/5/2017 attack. I say attack as that what it is! Attack on our free will.

Peace out

Yorkshire Pud xxx