She's gone off the rails! Massive Changes to YORKSHIRE PUD!

I write this as I sit at my dining table in my new house well 10 month old house, mother of two gorgeous little boys, single and ready to mingle with a massive open heart and mind that this could actually be my new start in life  I'm 36 but its got to happen sometime right?

I started this blog back in June 2012 and I wrote it to try and make something of myself maybe to find out who I actually am, find my style, thinking that being a mum and fiancee with a house was interesting or at least I could make it more interesting by writing about it and using nice words and terms constantly which just simply isn't me! I tried to live in a Cath Kidston coated world and tried to even bake whilst wearing high heels! I can't bloody bake and I'm like a man in drag in heels so I need to stop with this shit! So I look back and think fondly on some parts of it however I don't feel I portrayed the real me. 

Not going backwards and covering old ground but the last few post i did I found it very depressing! A lot has happened over the last year but I am now seeing this as a positive change in my life, a chance to reinvent myself, start again and generally to be ME and only me. So I'm not worrying anymore about pleasing everyone! You simply just can't!

So here it is my new blog! with a new url
So what changes am I making to make this more of a ME blog?
Plan of attack is as follows......

The Blog Look

I have always wanted a dark colour as the backgroud of my blog! Why i didn't was because its not the 'done thing' to do in the blog world and looking at all the do's and dont's of blogging it way up there with the 'keep it simple' brigade - Well fuck that! I am a fairy with a dark soul! 

My Followers

All you want is for people to follow you? the more followers the better? Right?.....Wrong! Follow me if your interested if your not simply don't. 

My Interests

I have fucking shit loads of interests! From unicorns and fairies to serial killers and 50 Shades of Grey! I am darkness and light! Primark and Punk 

How I write

I wrote how I thought I should be heard but not anymore. I am going to write as I want to sound!


Yes I will drop the odd fucking profanity from time to time as that's me as I talk. If you don't want to read or hear it please feel free to not follow me on my new adventure.

My Life

I am now at a point where only me and my boys are a priority and our well being is my only focus. So I start this new blog as a platform to record, build and use to make our lives better from home, travel, life style 

Blog Content

Anything I want to write about! Which will be loads more now I've got my head out of my arse!

Self Love

Over the last year I have manged to get myself out of a pit of disaster and I totally fell out of love with myself but I have turned that around and with the help of the law of attraction and also a bit of self love goes a long way!

Cheers mi dears!