Yorkshire Pud's Christmas Gift Giveaway! (Worth over 50 quid!)

Hey Lovelies
So to start off the new month and with only just over 7 weeks to go till Christmas I feel the need to help and do a little giveaway of gifts in order for you to either one... use them to send out to your lovely friends and family or two... keep them all to yourself and give yourself a big smile!! Mine mine mine!

Just look at this lot! Loads of princesses, fairies, cartoons, retroness and unicorns of course! Who wouldn't want to win all this for nowt (as we say in Yorkshire!).......More pics and full gift list below the competition box.

This competition will be running until 1st of December 2016 so you have loads of time to enter and you can earn extra entries daily by giving a tweet a day on twitter. The winner will be selected at random by rafflecopter so don't forget to leave any details asked for so I can get in touch with your lovely face if you're the winner of this lot!

And here we go!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
So this is what you'll be getting...
1. Christmas Elf/Fairy/Pixie Door.
2. Key for your Fairy Door.
3. Stripey Paper Scroll for you to put your Christmas list on.
4. Flat wooden red glitter present for decoration.
5. Green glitter fairy dust.
6. Pricess Belle from Beauty & the Beast Glitter Keyring.
7. Powerpuff Girls Keyring.
8. My Little Pony Unicorn Necklace.
9. Cath Kidston Print Ditsy Christmas Necklace.
10. Crazy Unicorn Lady Keyring with detachable Silver Plated unicorn charm.
11. Flat wooden red glitter present for decoration.
12. Flat wooden silver glitter present for decoration.
13. 2 x Packets of Ghostbusters Popping Candy.
14. Ariel The Little Mermaid Keyring with Starfish Charm.
15. 3 x Disney Princess Nail Files/Emery Boards Cinderella, Rapumzel, Ariel.
16. Pair of Pokemon Pikachu Socks.
17. Ariel The Little Mermaid Socks
18. Little Princess Secret Notebook with Pen and Lock 
Once the giveaway has been drawn I shall be in touch for an address to send these beauties to you. This giveaway is worldwide so please join in from all corners of the globe and will be sent recorded or tracked post.

Good luck! and Toodle Pip!

Yorkshire Pud xxx

P.s Have you told your mates about this awesome giveaway?