#33 Find your perfect winter bag/baby bag.......Primark Limited Edition

Hey beautifuls,

So the the challenge continues....with #33 Find my perfect Winter Bag/Baby Bag.
Well after much consideration and research. Research meaning I checked what I have and I currently have 0 handbags (bout 20+ 'going out bags') but nothing that I'd class as an all round day bag. However I do have 3 baby bags so I felt this challenge only right to be one for me.

So here it is......
Primark Limited Addition Leather Bag
And as the Title of this blog post states....This is a Limited Edition bag from Primark.......Yes i shall say it again if you didnt hear/read correctly this is a LIMITED EDITION bag from Primark. I'm not making it up honest! To be fair I didn't even know that Primark did anything limited addition! The reason I fell in love with it is because it has every colour that I love (Black, Brown & Dark Red) on it and I am a bit of a lover of the old Leopard  Print...My friends do like to call me 'Bet Gilroy' from time to time (Old Coronation Street Barmaid) due to my love of this wonderful print. The bag is real leather and had a price tag of a whole £22! Which I think is steep for Primark however I did by it with my Birthday money and I absolutely fell in love with it the moment I saw it. As my readers know I do love a bargain but this really took my fancy it did.
The bag is quite big (Room for baby stuff just over A4 size) and comes with a small handle at the top and also a long handle to give you the option of wearing it over the shoulder to free up the hands which you need being a mummy in fact you need more hands! And as an added extra it comes with a protective bag so at the end of usage,winter or if you want to store it you can and it will stay pristine and dust free!
The bag also has a pair of gloves to match it however I didn't buy these as they looked a bit like patchwork and too busy for gloves so bought myself the old faithful black leather gloves so I can look like Richard Hillman (Yet another old Murderous Character from Coronation Street!) and no need to take off when driving. Is it my age or should driving gloves become mandatory? Ha ha it's instant poshness.

So there you have it a beautiful winter bag that can be used for my things and baby things while still looking fabulous. I would give it a rating of 9/10 and that's only because I feel it should have more dividing sections/pockets inside it for it's size.

Toddle Pip

Yorkshire Pud xxx

P.s Have you found your perfect winter bag yet?
P.p.s This is Bet Gilroy from Coronation Street..

And this is Richard Hillman...
Nuff Said!