#28 Carve a pumpkin......Well most of It (but links with challenge #24 Soup!)

Hey Buttercups!

Number 28 on my list of 50 Things to do in Autumn & Winter Challenge.....Carve a Pumpkin...Happy Halloween.

So yeah this one is a bit late but we did it and by we I mean me and George dug out the middle! and George and his dad then carved it out!
This was the first year me and George had done anything like this together as George's attention span and strength are greatly jeopardised by his illness (Rubinstein Taybi) so it was officially amazing!
We both washed our hands and got cracking! I've kept the inside and going to make this into a soup tomorrow so that should be number 24 off my list of challenges also! Exciting times are ahead haha.

Not a bad effort! Hopefully Arthur will get involved too next year!

Toodle Pip!

Yorkshire Pud xxx

P.s Did you do something fantastic with your pumpkin this year?