#21 - Start a new craft....Fairy Doors!

Hey there lovelies,
So as part of my new 50 Things to do in Autumn & Winter Challenge 2016 I have decided to have a go at #21 - Start a new craft research and see where it goes. Well to be fair I started this a couple of weeks ago but it is relatively new so thought I would use this for that challenge.

So the craft is Fairy Doors if you had not got this from the title. I've had a fairy door in my bedroom now for a couple of months. As you know I love all things magical and even at my age every fairy needs a door to be able to get into your house! hahaha.

So like the title says research your new craft....

What is a fairy door? 

A fairy door is a decrotive item that is place in the home or garden usually on a skirting board or base of a tree and it supposed to symbolise and exit and entry as to where fairies can come in and out of your life without being seen.....Magical right?

You don't only just have to have a door you can also create a little space around your door with fun items in order to give your fairy something to do when the arrive. There are loads of companies should you have a butchers through google to find one online or you could support local businesses and visit local craft emporiums like where I have a stand at The Indie Arcade in Sheffield. My Fairy Doors and Accessories will be there soon!

So what does a fairy door look like?

All pictures taken from Google Images

So As you can see these are magical little items that can bring lots of magic into your home. If you're like me and believe that magic should never leave your imagination or home then these are the items for you as you need to be involved as an adult to to keep the magic going for things like the Tooth Fairy, Christmas Elves etc....And as you can see you don't just have to stop at the door you can add all sorts of little accessories to your door space for more ideas visit my Pinterest Board that I update with new things I find about these magical decorations.

So I have started making a few of these already and also have my own fairy space of which I will post pictures of all very soon.


Yorkshire Pud xxx