Weeks 12-13 - 2016 - Mrs Pud and Mr Pud are Game Over :(

So yeah I've been quiet these past couple of week this is because my relationship with that I thought was the 'Wonderful Mr Pud' turns out not to be so true. Not going into details but things I have found out and the sheer lack of concern for the fact I am now 33 weeks pregnant and looking after our disabled son have completely dumbfounded me.
The man I knew for 4 and a half years has gone and all that is left is man who I don't know anymore?? Mr Pud was the man who I spoke to about everything! My feelings, my jokes, my worries and now I don't know who he is at all. I have essentially lost my best friend.
All I can say is that he was the love of my life and yeah things were tough but I always knew I could count on him for anything and now I am looking after our little man George, carrying our baby and all living in one room at my mums. No money, due to finish work and go on maternity in the next couple of weeks. Surely this must be a happy time for most but for us it's the cold reality of what life can really be like.
I'm now at a point where I need to be strong for our boys and make sure they are clothed, fed and watered and brought up in the most loving, fun and awesome household ever! Even if it is just mum.
Not thinking about it yet but I'm sure my real Prince will turn up and make sure that we are ok and really show us that life is for living and being happy.
Now the true reality of being a single parent will kick in and I must rise to the challenge......Any help would be great?

Peace out xxx
33 weeks Preggerz