Week 11 - 2016 - Cake International! eBay and Is baby Arthur really a girl?

Well a very quiet start to this week but a bumper of an end! With Maternity and Arthur looming closer I feel it’s time to get my arse into gear and get my eBay shop stocked up as I won’t be able to once new little man arrives? Will get onto that further on.

The first thing I would like to address is the fact that I’ve been worrying about whether or not Arthur is really a girl? Has anyone else out there had a wrong sexing ultrasound scan? We had a 16 weeks (Private) and 20 weeks scan (NHS) and both told us it was a boy. So I am actually convinced it’s a boy. Not really bought much boy stuff as we still have all of George’s stuff raring to go! But got a few nice little pieces from the baby shower that were quite neutral.
I don’t have any evidence what so ever that he could be a girl and not that I would prefer a girl (As long as they are healthy) but there’s just something that doesn't feel right. When I first found out we were pregnant and up to the 16 week scan near enough everyone said or felt that we were having a girl as they said I was carrying different/I was different etc.....I was convinced I was having a boy but towards our first scan people had got me convinced that there was a chance it could be a girl. Also can you remember my old post on Old Wives Tales and Gender Prediction? They basically were unanimous in the fact we were having a girl. My best friend Gareth keeps having dreams about a girl popping out! I keep having dreams about a girl popping out! My mum keeps saying I still think it’s a girl! I feel completely different during this pregnancy I’m carrying so high which I feel is prolonging the morning sickness (Yep still having a bit of it at 30 weeks) that it’s a girl! I’m hesitant about decorating the nursery as I feel it might be a bloody GIRL!!!!.....Help has anyone been though or know someone that’s had this?

So the week has been quite quiet but what a nice finish to it by attending the Cake International, Hobbycraft, Sewing and Fashion exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. 
The Gang!
I went with my 2nd family which was excellent! Gareth (Best Friend) and his Mum and Dad (Mr & Mrs C) who are like my parents and George’s Grandparents we are that close. Mr C is a keen baker and cake decorator so he was in his element me and Gareth not so much however we were looking forward to maybe some sample cake testing however there wasn’t much of this happening (Bitterly disappointedL)
It got very tiring carrying the 30 week bump round towards the end!

In the exhibitions defence to the lack of sugary treats to try there were some absolutely awesome cakes to look at!......
Great British Bake Off  Starwars Cake!

Labyrinth Cake

Batman and Superman.... yes actual cakes!

Peter Pan Cake

Circus Cake
Any opportunity to get involved and to also steal a red clown nose!
I thought I would have been bowled over by the Hobbycrafts section and there were some good stalls but I felt I was drowning in Card Making Paraphernalia…Help! The sewing and fashion section was good with some beautiful fabrics to look at and some amazing dresses for me to dream about until the bump goes back down. All in all a very good day with great company but would have preferred more samples haha J

So stocking up the shop……I’ve started doing some lovely keyrings/keepsakes as I feel not everyone wants a Moomin around their neck but could like a Moomin on their keys? Haha here are a few of the other bits and bobs I’ve been listing this week that are available in the SHOP now J 
Craft and Lifestyle Themed Keyrings/Bag Charms/Keepsakes - Sewing, Tea, Baking & Vintage

Glitter Bottle Keyrings/Bagcharms/Keepsakes - Ariel, Tinkerbell, Elsa & Shera

Hope you've had a lovely week! What have you been upto?

Yorkshire Pud xx

30 Weeks Pregnant