My Week - 9 - The Break Up

Well we are now on week 9! How time is flying. So George got better thank the lord and now me and Mr Pud are having a few problems and are currently having a little break from each other so on Saturday me and my little man moved back into mums for a few days. Don’t know if it’s my depression or the fact we have a new one on the way or the fact that Mr Pud has decided to live the life of a teenager again but either way we just aren’t working at the moment….really really sad and really really scary now being 28 weeks pregnant but needed a break. Watch this space.
It’s strange but getting out of my current surroundings and having a good old breathe can really make you feel calm. I stood having my cup of coffee yesterday morning on my mums back patio and felt at peace with the world for a moment and it was nice.
My Mother’s Day was very different to how it normally is…waking up in my mums house with my little boy rather than being at home as our little family but I did have a good day cause it was great to see my mum smile on the morning and especially with George there with me.

So not much to write about really last week as nothing generally nice happened and being quite upset stunts your creativity….Don’t you think?

Anyone else gone through this recently? 

Yorkshire Pud xx