My Week - 10 - The Midwife, The Funeral and the Baby Shower!

Hello again….
So where were we? Oh yeah the ‘Break Up’ So last Monday I’d moved back in with my mum and step dad for a bit as my relationship with Mr Pud wasn’t going too good and at 28 weeks pregnant I felt it was the only way one to knock some sense into him and also to help with my depression so it was the fight or flight mechanism (will write more about this, this week) that took over and this time I decided to fly. So Saturday through to Tuesday I stayed at my mums with George and it did me and Mr Pud the world of good! We met on Tuesday and had a chat and a walk with George and all seems well I moved back home that night and have been there since. We’ve had a couple of wobbles but nothing major just adjusting to our new way of life….watch this space.

Wednesday – The Midwife
Had a fabulous visit with the Midwife at my 28 week appointment to be fair I’d not seen her since December last year! It’s so different with your second baby you do actually feel a bit alone because they don’t see you half as much especially in the 2nd trimester. I am now into the 3rd trimester officially now. Apparently our baby Arthur’s (Boy) heartbeat is still beating like a girls?? I will be very shocked if he is a girl after seeing his ‘winkie’ on two scans!! Ha ha. I did some crazy prediction tests last year before we found out and it said our Arthur was a girl then! Check them out here. But all is very well and healthy with this little man.
Thursday – The Funeral
Unfortunately we had a funeral this week my Step Dads father sadly passed away last week so it was the funeral of my Step Grandad L Very sad but a lovely day all in all he was a great man and had had such a wonderful life being originally from Poland during the 2nd World War he had managed to survive his early years in capture and on the run and finally got to England to marry an English woman and thus create my amazing Step Father!
Saturday – The ‘Surprise’ Baby Shower
So Paige (Mr Pud’s Sister/My Sister in Law) had contacted me earlier in the week asking if she could take us out as a family as we’ve been through a lot this past few weeks bless her and said to meet at her house at 3pm. What I didn’t expect was to see my friends and family waiting there for me and basically Paiges house being turned into a baby blue grotto! My little Man and I had a surprise Baby Shower! No one has ever done anything like that for me before and I was so shocked it was amazing! Thank you Paige! We played games, had food and I had presents! Wow honestly I couldn’t believe it absolutely fantastic and thank you to all that came.

Sunday – Day of rest and Yorkshire Pud Shop Stock Up.
I decided to not do anything today as I have been soooo busy all week other that make some jewellery and list it in my ebay shop from the comfort of my sofa and adorning my polka dot robe! What a wonderful chilled day. Here’s some of the stuff I made…..

Hows’ your week been?

Yorkshire Pud

29 Weeks Preggerz