Hello March! So many good dates in you, you have!

Hello March!!
March for me is all about new beginnings and hope not sure why but the lighter nights kicking in and the general dewiness (is that a word) that hangs in the air generally makes me feel better and with everything that’s been going off in My Weeks and with my Mental Health I’m hoping that March will be like the beginning of the new year and hopefully my life will start to look up!
So what’s good about March?...
Special Days!
1st – St Davids Day - Wales – Is it me or can you remember having daffodils in abundance at school on this day? Those of you in England?
6th – Mother’s Day! – Well it’s official this will be my 3rd ever mother’s day as a mother! And I just love getting my mums bits and bobs for this day.
17th – St Patricks Day - Ireland. Possibly one of the most celebrated holidays that I am most jealous of! The Irish make this into something quite spectacular with family, parties and decorations however we don’t have this on St Georges Day?
25th – Good Friday – Day off work nuff said!
27th – Easter!!!! – Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate….did I forget to mention CHOCOLATE!? Unfortunately I am agnostic so I don’t celebrate Easter for anything other than lovely bunnies, easter egg hunts and Chocolate!
28th – Easter Monday – Day off work nuff said!

To be fair I had not noticed it before but there is actually quite a lot going on in March this year. So bring it on and let’s see what we can get up to?

Yorkshire Pud xx