Prenatal/Antenatal Depression – My Update! I have got it.

Wow! Just want to say I was so nervous about posting my last post (Read here) on the fact that I may have Depression and when I pressed publish I thought that’s it I’ve laid myself bare but the response I have had has been fantastic and I thank you all so much for your support. So in my last post I stated I had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. I went with Mr Pud (Fantastic man) as I wanted him to try and understand a bit more about mental health and hearing it from a professional was more about validation for me as it made me feel a bit ‘less crazy’ – If that’s possible haha!

After speaking with my doctor it turns out that I do have Prenatal Depression however you cannot change/start new medication as it’s not done during pregnancy but she has reassured me that my current medication (sertraline) is perfectly safe for me to take during my pregnancy as I had been slipping a bit as I thought it might do damage to baby Arthur in my tummy.  
So doctor spoken to, reassured that current medication is fine to take, Mr Pud has a better understanding, I have a better understanding, pointers given from the doctor to help at home = ALL GROOVY.
I am in no way feeling better at the minute but I feel talking to the doctor, Mr Pud, My Family and Friends I now feel I can move on and be more positive.
Thanks again for the support and will keep you updated on my progress and differences/changes I will be making.

Yorkshire Pud xxx