My Weeks 7 and 8 - Hand, Foot, Mouth and Bones Fashion Fest!

Hey Lovelies,
Happy New March!
So as per my last couple of posts week 7 was when I got diagnosed with Prenatal Depression! So week 8 was about me getting my head round it and basically cracking on with getting myself better and finding new ways of working in order to make myself better……unfortunately on the Sunday we ended up in the Sheffield Children’s Hospital as George was severely poorly. It turns out he had an extreme case of hand, foot and mouth and also on top of that Croup! Poor little mite. With George having Rubenstein Taybi Syndrome often ‘normal’ childhood illnesses can seem worse as George’s immune system doesn’t seem to be as strong as other children as well as George himself. So the last 7 days/nights at Yorkshire Pud Towers….I have slept on the sofa with George and Mr Pud has been on the floor in the living room as George has had real problems sleeping and neither of us wanted to leave his side. Our living room has resembled a one room bedsit filled with covers and cushions etc......My problems were well out of the window as such as I have had to carry on...WATCH THIS SPACE

We did however manage to watch more Bones! In fact we are now on the 6th Season! (yep we’ve had some down time this week) Loving this show, loving the fashion that Bones now has! At first she was a bit ‘mumsy’ with her attire (Is that a word?) but in Season 6 she now has a new hair cut with a fringe/bangs and is generally making the most of the fact that she is one hot anthropologist other than her earrings! Random but I have never noticed her wearing a nice pair of earrings!. For those of you that want to watch it or before season 6 TURN AWAY NOW AND MEET ME DOWN THE PAGE ON THE NEXT PARAGRAPH!!!..............I am getting so frustrated why won’t they just be together and get over it!? The Hannah which Booth met in Iraq was just sooooo annoying (In the fact that she was perfect, beautiful and nice!) I was just wishing as each episode came on that she would do one! Bones and Booth belong together end of!

So let have a look at some Bones (Dr Temerance Brennan) fashion - 

So as you can see casual but very very cool...what do you think?

Well as you may have noticed I started this post with Happy New March! As both January and February this year might as well have been none existent with all the illness and lack of energy. Hopefully March 2016 onwards should be better.

Yorkshire Pud xxx
27 Weeks Pregnant

*Images taken from Google