My Weeks 4, 5 and 6 - 2016 Ooooooh what a feeling....When your painting on the ceiling and dealing with Bones and Unicorn Sprinkles

Well the end of January has been and gone and it’s mid Feb already thank the lord for that shiz niz! Well its official I/We actually feel better! If you've read the last 3 weeks post you will have read we have been in a right knot we had been taken over by the plague (Or at least it felt like that!)
So bearing in mind we have now only 3 and half months until our little bundle arrives I decide to make the most amazing decision (Well to me it is but not Mr Pud) that I would like to redecorate and completely declutter the house as I have managed to up my hoarding skills for the last two years and tried to hide from it but its finding me again! Basically we just need to freshen up the house before Arthur is here!!! So Week 4 we started with the kitchen and wow it's taken some time and we are still not finished but will keep you posted on the progress. 3 and a half months is not that long away and we have so much to do and totally on a budget.
New Fave Boxset Ever!!! 

So as you are aware I finished my Sons of Anarchy fest and needed something else to quench my boxsets thirst. So at the end of January me and Mr Pud started 'Bones' now if you are new to reading Yorkshire Pud then you will see I have quite an affinity for Zooey Deschanel and at one point I actually thought I was her (Not in a crazy stalker way but loved her style) until I had children and decided I couldn't be like New Girl anymore?? Watch this space though haha. Anyway I digress as usual in 'Bones' I noticed 1. It had the very hot guys from Angel in it? Do you remember that? And also the lead female ‘Bones’ is played by Emily Deschanel!! Wow just wow completely different in persona and in looks but you can definitely tell that they are sisters. We are already upto Season 3 yes you heard me right…Season 3! It’s amazing and I can’t stop watching it whenever I get a spare minute. If you've not watched it try it it’s very gory but brilliant!

My Hair! Yes my hair! – Well since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been quite conservative with my hair and it’s been blonde instead of all those  other colours I’ve had if you follow me on Instagam you’ll see. So what have I done? Yep I’ve dip dyed my hair pink yesterday and I tell you something it looks absolutely shit up but my word it looks alright down and I feel there is equilibrium back in the universe and my magical unicorn powers are restored.
Unicorn sprinkes in my hair!...Clearly xx

What’s happening in your crazy world?

Yorkshire Pud xx

25 Weeks Preggerz!