Can you have Prenatal Depression? Have I got it?

With George I never suffered from Postnatal or Prenatal Depression however I must say this time with my 2nd baby and at 25 weeks pregnant I feel I may be suffering from something. The reason I thought I’d share this post is for the fact that I didn’t know if prenatal depression actually existed? Am I being stupid? After all I’m pregnant I should only be having normal pregnancy issues…Right?....Wrong over the last couple of months I’ve noticed (After my 1st Trimester) that I don’t feel quite right. I’ve struggled with anxiety and panic disorder since my late teens and been medicated ever since however this isn’t anxiety or panic this is sheer helplessness and lethargic stuff. So after yet another breakdown this weekend and not having the energy or motivation to socialise with friends and family I realised something needs to change. So I Googled it!(check me out haha)..... Prenatal Depression or also known as Antenatal
This is what I found out………

Antenatal depression - depression in pregnancy
It’s normal to feel sometimes up and sometimes down when you’re pregnant but if you're feeling low more than you're feeling happy you need to talk to someone.
Pregnancy hormones may make you feel tired and emotional, and if being pregnant is giving you sleep problems, that can make it harder to cope.
Depression is when you have those feelings of being unhappy and they don’t go away after a few days but last for weeks or months. Antenatal/prenatal depression can vary from mild to severe and can affect women in different ways.
Typical signs of depression include:
  • you feel generally down most of the time
  • you can’t be bothered with things
  • you can’t concentrate or make decisions
  • you don’t enjoy life
  • you’re tired and don’t have any energy
  • you can’t get to sleep and then you wake up early
  • you feel tearful
  • you feel irritable and don’t want to be with other people
  • you feel restless and agitated
  • you lose your self-confidence
  • you feel worthless
  • you feel guilty
  • you lose your appetite or have a much bigger appetite
  • you lose interest in sex
  • you think about suicide.
If you have depression you won’t necessarily experience all of these symptoms. Remember that some of these things can also be a normal part of pregnancy, such as feeling very tired or tearful or going off sex. If your feelings started gradually you may find it hard to tell where the line is between ‘normal’ difficult feelings and being depressed. Or it may be obvious because you suddenly start to feel very low.
Trust yourself – you are the best judge of whether your feelings are normal for you. If you don’t feel right, or if you have some of the signs of depression and they last for more than two weeks, talk to your midwife or GP.
*(Information from Tommy Online Midwife Website)
*Picture from Google
So reading this and definitely understanding a bit more about it and the fact that I’m not feeling normal!!! I decided to see how many of the 15 points I was feeling at the moment I answered 12 of these with a YES!! I’d say 12 was pretty high up there so first of all I’m going to make myself a doctor’s appointment (Check and done for Wednesday this week) and then I’m going to see what I can do at home to try and help me. I’ve recognised it now and need to get hold of it otherwise it’s going to get worse and I need to be at full strength for when little man number 2 comes along as well as now for my George and Mr Pud.

Yorkshire Pud xx

P.s Is there anyone else out there feeling like this?

P.P.S Have you been able to overcome it?