Week 1 - 2016 - Issues, Tissues & Reviews!!!

Hey All,
And a happy 2016 to you all! Hows it going? You still sticking to those new years resolutions? This year I didn't make any so I cant beat myself up a week into the new year as I normally do and being up the duff means I'm limited to the normal ones that usually happen like lose weight, stop smoking etc....so it's been ok on the resolution front. I did however pick this wonderful shiny diary up from Tescos for £5. Don't normally do a diary so I suppose that's kind of a resolution.
Tesco Diary - £5.00
However last Monday the 4th of Jan first day back at work (Which is officially the start of my new year....anyone else?) I started shaking and feeling generally awful got home to find Mr Pud and Georgie Pud in much the same way :( turns out we have all had the Novovirus! If anyone gets this honestly I wouldn't wish it on my worst nightmare it's vile.
So my little family and I have basically hibernated for the last week and watched some serious TV...

Sons of Anarchy - Seasons 5, 6, And Season 7 bar the last the last 2 final episodes (which are being watched tonight!)
Waywood Pines Season 1 (All episodes)


Sons of Anarchy speaks for itself been watching this anyway for sometime but used poorly time to give the last few seasons a good go! One of the best series's I've seen in such a long time, very violent and at some points I needed to turn away but retribution and payback is amazing! If your looking for something to get your teeth into then this is for you.
Waywood Pines was one of them that I noticed on the 'New' Sky Boxsets section and thought oooh that's something I'd like to watch but only when I have time....this was definitely the time. I love Matt Dillon anyway but in a series I wasn't sure? I took me and Mr Pud a few episodes to really get into it but my word was it amazing?...YES!!!!! The strangest, eeriest, craziest stories for a new show but utterly amazing would give this 10/10. I don't want to go into the story as it's got some many twists and turns it's unreal but easy to follow so you don't get fed up playing catch up but it has made me want to go back and re watch some of the earlier ones again :)

So my week was very uneventful to be honest but we watch some awesome TV.


Yorkshire Pud xx

P.s Have you watched any good boxsets recently? I'm in need of another one.

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