My Weeks 2 & 3 - 2016 Skinting, Coughing, Crapping - Blue Monday.

Hey All,
Well last week again was very uneventful however I did manage to get back to work after the Novovirus however now I have just been left with Virus! Anyone else thinking that they are going to have to just scrap Jan 2016 off and start again on Feb 1st? Think this is going to be defo the way forward for me and my lot! Had to even cancel my 20 week scan last week due to illness :(

After Christmas and everything that your money goes on we have been left well and truly skint! Even to the point where I had to scrape to cover the Direct Debits! I'm not in any way a money saving tips blog but after this year I intend to make some massive changes to my/family finances and as we would really like to buy our house at the end of this year or early 2017 it would help to get something in place (Watch this space!) might have to browse a few money saving blogs....Anyone know as good ones?

Being basically unable to function for the last/first 2-3 weeks of January and 20/21 weeks pregnant it's defo not been any fun or a motivational amazing start to the year for the Pudding family.

How much of a moan moan moan is this post? I promise over the next few weeks it'll get better! And my weeks are filled with loveliness as I'm sure would be so much more interesting to read than this shite. Only 1 week to go until we are out of the dreaded January and apparently last Monday was named Blue Monday as it was the most depressing day of the year? No money, Crap Weather and generally still sitting in the wake of Christmas has not helped anyone out! Hahaha.

Right well from this point on it changes! Love Blue Monday!!

See you laterz peeps.

Yorkshire Pud xxx

P.s Do you know of any good blogs to read? Been having a look but struggling need some inspiration.

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