It's a BOY!!! 16 Weeks Scan

Hey Guys..........It's a BOY!

As per my last post on Old Wives' Tales when it comes to Gender Prediction as you can see they were wrong! I had 11 for Girl and 4 for Boy. So as far as gender prediction goes I will leave it to the experts next time haha. We wasn't bothered either way but we were convinced toward the end that it was a girl due to the tests so if you are bothered about the sex of your baby DO NOT DO THEM! I repeat DO NOT DO THEM! as they can be very confusing.

So we have another little prince on the way :) and we couldn't be happier. George will have a little brother and I will officially become a mum that stands out in the cold on a Sunday morning watching my boys at some kind of muddy sport! Love it!

We had an early gender scan (for getting organised purposes over Christmas) at 16 weeks and 4 days at a place called BabyView in Barnsley,South Yorkshire which isn't to far from us. I noticed it whilst I was going through Groupon looking for Christmas pressies and my word was it worth it's £23 quid! Once you are there they are soooo welcoming and lovely and make you feel at ease. I don't know about you but does anyone feel like they are being 'farmed' when it comes to scans in your local hospitals under the NHS? In and out and not being able to enjoy the experience? Well this is totally different and well worth paying the extra.
A chap called Andy does the scans and is so friendly and will answer all your questions it took Andy a whole 4 seconds to find out our little bubble was a boy :)
At the end you get a few photos for free! And a voucher for money off a 4D scan.

All in all we are over the moon and now we can get planning although we don't have to buy much as we still have everything we had for George! Is that bad? Or is that the norm to get hand me downs when you have a child of the same gender?

Take care and Merry Christmas to all.

Yorkshire Pud xx

**Just to add this is in no way a sponsored post this is all about my experience and wanted to share. All payments were made by me.