I'm Pregnant!! - Plus 15 Wacky/Old WivesTales Gender Predictions!

Hey Lovelies! - If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have seen that I'm up the duff....again! Very shocked, but very happy indeed. Here's my new little bubble here...

We find out on Thursday 17th Dec what baby's gender is so just to add to the Christmas fun and games thought it would be good to try and see if some of the old wives tales of Gender Prediction are true or accurate.

#1 – The Wedding Ring
Apparently if you place your wedding ring on some cotton and hold it above your tummy/bump it’s movement can predict the gender of baby? As I’m not married! Oooosh I will now have two babies out of wedlock! Whatever next? Well as I don’t have a wedding ring we used my best friends Nan’s ring who only passed away a few months ago. Both myself and best friend Gareth had no idea what movement was what before we started so there would be no biased hand movements. At first the ring was still but ever so slowing turning where it was and then all of a sudden it was like a pendulum and something pushed it!! It was swinging back and forth quite wildly actually!! Back and forth or side to side = Girl / In a circle motion either clockwise or anti clockwise = Boy
Prediction – GIRL

#2 – The Red Cabbage Water Test
So you buy a red cabbage and chop about half of it up and place in a pan to boil. Once boiled allow to cool and then mix same parts red cabbage water (Not actual cabbage) with your wee wee (Urine if you’re posh! Ha ha) If it turns bluey purple the same colourish = Girl / Goes Pinky reddish lighter = Boy
Prediction – BOY

#3 – Higher or lower?
This is about your bump! They say if you are carrying low and all at the front = Boy / High up and at the sides (and you look preggerz from behind) = Girl
Prediction – GIRL

#4 – Heart Rate
I had my first heart beat reading at 15w 3d and the midwife asked if she could guess and said girl! As the heart rate was at 152bpm. So 140bpm and over = Girl / under 140bpm = Boy. I’m not sure how accurate this is cause surely you might be tired your baby could have been moving around or you could be resting? The Midwife said that this is around 80% accurate (Not sure about that one)
Prediction – GIRL

#5 – Skin and Beauty
We with my fist child George my skin was beautiful! Best it has even been to be honest and with this pregnancy it’s awful!! Keep getting those massive boil type ones that really hurt and then actually turn up in the night so in the morning I look like a witch! Apparently it goes that Girls = Steal all their mothers beauty and can give you bad skin / Boys = Give you a lovely complexion and no breakouts
Prediction – GIRL

#6 – Mother’s Instinct
Should we just trust our instinct on the gender of our baby? Hahaha NO! With George I was adamant that I was having a girl and he was a boy! And this time I’m adamant I’m having a Boy! But apparently the mother’s instinct is 71% accurate???
Prediction – BOY

#7 – The side you rest on most?
Do you rest/sleep on a particular side? If a pregnant woman prefers to lay on her left side = Boy / and on her right = Girl
Prediction – GIRL

#8 – Clumsy v Graceful
If you are pregnant and are graceful throughout this should mean = Girl and if you are as clumsy as a circus clown like I am at the minute you are supposed to be having a = Boy
Prediction – BOY

#9 – Breast Test
Have a good butchers at your boobies and see if you can see if one is slightly bigger I can actually notice a considerable difference (Which I never have before!!) If your left one is bigger = Girl / If your right one is bigger = Boy
Prediction – GIRL

#10 – Morning Sickness
Having had sickness and nausea with George I’m not sure how accurate this is as it goes that if you have no morning sickness you are having = Boy / If you are sick or feeling nauseous then its = Girl. This time I feel sick but not actually sick like I was with George!? Confused.com
Prediction – GIRL

#11 – Leg Hair Regrowth!
If your starting to resemble a baboon and going through razors like hot dinners then it’s a = Boy / If it’s stayed the same then it’s a – Girl. With George I was like a woolly mammoth and it did my head in. To be fair I’m quite hairy anyway but it was ridiculous! This time my hair isn’t growing a record speed and is not too bad J one of the positives.
Prediction – GIRL

#12 – Colour of Wee
If your wee wee (Ok Urine) is pale yellow = Girl / Bright yellow = Boy
Prediction – GIRL

#13 – Bread!!
If you eat the whole slice of bread including the crusts = Boy / If you leave your crusts = Girl.
I’ve always been a crusty bread lover however during this pregnancy me teeth have been a little bit sore and the thought of chewing on a French stick (Oh er!) makes me shudder and also even with a sandwich I’m leaving my corners.
Prediction – GIRL

#14 – Chinese Gender Prediction Chart (Chinese Pregnancy Calender)
This requires your age at conception (34) and the month of conception (September 2015)
Prediction = GIRL

#15 - Baking Soda/Powder
So this theory is similar  to the red cabbage one (#2) Mix your wee wee with same parts powder/soda and if it fizzes its a boy and if it goes flat as a witches tit its a girl! Not sure how this happen cause Baking soda/powder would fizz with any liquid wouldn't it?? - this is my actual video below! Check out my Yorkshire tones!
Prediction = BOY

So there we have it the tests results are.....

GIRL = 11
BOY = 4

So lets see on Thursday 17th of Dec if it's right!!! but I'm sure it's a boy! ;) Be sure to be following me on Instagram or Facebook as these will be updated straight away.

Please let me know if you try any of these for yourself and what your results were would love to hear your thoughts and findings!

Yorkshire Pud xxx