Yorkshire Pud's 50 things to do in 6 months!....Feel free to join in.

Hey wonderful people.

After the last few crazy years it's been a while since I challenged myself to a list of 50 'To Dos'
So as this year is half way through I thought I would set myself a 6 months challenge so I'll set it for the end of January 2016. Plus need to get my arse into gear quick smart as I'm slacking with a few things and more importantly Feburary is the time myself and my other half are going for a mortgage so definately need to get a few things in order for then and thought this might bang on the pressure. 

This list of personal challenges covers family, crafts, finance, business, home, christmas and more!

Please feel free to join in the challenge and please keep me posted on your achievements or send me the links to your blog's if it's something you want to do or use the hashtag #yps6m50 on Instagram or Twitter - Dont forget to let me know otherwise I can't keep up hahaha.

So here goes...........

#1 Have a duvet Day (At least 1)
#2 Sort out my finances and file|organise my paperwork in a pretty way!
#3 Go to a bonfire party!
#4 Use some lovely nail varnishes (My own and others)
#5 Bake something (Never baked before so should be fun)
#6 Declutter! Reduce my hoarding and re-organise. Everything in it's place.
- My Clothes
- My Shoes
- My Bags
- My Make Up
- My Rooms in the house including George's Room and all the stuff I've collected over the last 20 months!
- My Garden
- My Crafts
#7 Take walks in the leaf blanketed woodlands
#8 Prepare yourself for the possible outbreak of snow - check your hat, scarf and mitten/Glove collection
#9 Have a beauty evening including face pack and cucumber the lot
#10 Collect woodland treats to make Christmas decor
#11 Enjoy the sunshine while it's still here.
#12 Do something Christmassy!
#13 Send out 5 thank you cards – Just thanking people for anything!
#14 Save money in every way possible, leftovers, coupons, recycle etc....
#15 Get walking!
#16 Watch a classic film that I haven’t seen before
#17 Make a Sunday Roast (Not done this before!! hahaha)
#18 Embrace the produce that autumn has to offer. Overload on root veggies and fruits.
#19 Throw out all my holey tights and invest in new ones - heavy deniers welcome!
#20 Get some good reads and enjoy them by the fire/radiator/under the duvet
#21 Knit or crochet something = learn, learn, learn!!
#22 Make a cushion
#23 Make some preserves - these could be little favours for friends
#24 Make a big batch of soup
#25 Write a poem
#26 Make a Christmas playlist.
#27 Do crafts with friends
#28 Carve a pumpkin/Do the halloween thing!
#29 Make some felt crafts
#30 Do a craft stall or carboot 
#31 Hit my goal weight and stick to my diet with new recipes, snacks and treats!
#32 Watch 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'
#33 See the sea!
#34 Brew some mulled wine
#35 Update an old piece of furniture
#36 Upload at least 6 Videos to Youtube (1 per month!)
#37 Get some new winter slippers
#38 Keep the sweet jar stocked, in case of emergencies
#39 Make an autumn/winter craft feature for my home
#40 Dust off my slow cooker and fill it with stew-y goodness
#41 Do some top notch Christmas wrapping with a few crafty pieces
#42 Get in the snow! (If it does if not create some!)
#43 Learn new ways to clean and sort
#44 Do something for Charity
#45 Find out all my Christmas Film Collection and watch.
#46 Get a Christmas tree and decorate accordingly
#47 Find some charity shop bargains.
#48 Do something cultured by going to a museum or a gallery.
#49 Blog photographs of my city and post about it
#50 Make things pretty!

......And breathe!!

Here's hoping I/We smash it!! Thanks for reading lovelies

Yorkshire Pud xx