Can a box subscription give your life meaning?.....YES! - My Little Box Review

Hey Everyone,
For those of you that have been reading my blog for a while you will have noticed that my style flits from one thing to another i.e purple hair with joggers or vintage with a hint of hippie! I honestly move from one thing to another and don't really know what style for everything I actually revert back to?? UNTIL NOW!!! Boooooooom!

A few months ago I created a post stating that I'd signed up to My Little Box  in this post here. So I received my first box.......and instantly I was hooked!!! And by each box I am more and understanding my style which is clearly.....PARISIAN!!! (And I've never been to Paris!) With a touch of Bohemian. It's the first box subscription I've found that I think is perfect value for money and also all it's contents is usable, interesting and most of all very very ME!
So here goes...

Box 1 - My Little Super Box
Who doesn't think they have an inner Super Hero within them?....Errrrrrm NO ONE!! We all love a bit of power and this box was just about that! Fabulous T-Shirt as well inside.

Box 2 - My Little Dream Box
I'm a dreamer and this was perfect! The lovely little cloud card inside which was a Walt Disney Quote which was right up my street! The stamp is now being used on all my out going product from my shop as a wonderful little extra.

Box 3 - My Little Provence Box
Although never visiting Provence it pulled me straight in with it's contents including..a cross stitch your own gold cuff! Sooooo me!

Box 4 - My Little French Riviera Box
Again never visiting The French Riviera this box is all new to me however I have to admit this is my most favourite box of all up to now. As I type this I'm sporting the blue nail polish by Sarah Lavoine  wonderful designer check out her website. I also have the sunglasses...yes....sunglasses upon my head.

Box 5 - My Little Road Trip Box
My last box for a while as I wait with fingers tapping together for the next one! This box was a fun box and included a wonderful travel wallet in which I will definitely be using in September for our family trip to Portugal.

So as far as it goes I can feel I will be subscribed to this box until the end of time and I am ever thankful for the answers it has given me regards me style. You will loads more post on here regarding My Little Box and also my new found 'style' that I have found from it! Thanks My Little Box!!

Yorkshire Pud xxx

P.S Does Anyone else subscribe to this box? Do you find it equally as fantastic as I do?