The 90 Day Change....Part 1

Hey lovelies,
As I right this I'm tearing up about a v.v.v.v.v close family member who is very ill and v.v.v.v.v.v young!!! I think to myself 'What is this life all about?' Why is there such horrible things in the world that can cause a whole family to talk in tearful conversations and actually see each other! Why has it taken for this for us to see each other!?? Surely that must be a given that family should make time to see each other? 

Sometimes days can go by and I haven't spoken to anyone or seen anyone (Other than George & Mr Pud of course) but no one else?! and then when I finially do speak or see someone it's always 'I feel like I haven't seen you for ages' or 'Sorry not been in touch' - What is all that about? However I will have probably check social media feed loads in a day!!! **Alarm Bells**

Today's society means we have help with everything? i.e we press a button to do a load of washing not a full day (Usually a Monday was wash day...Says Nan) of scrubbing, spinning, mangling, wringing etc...but the family was always seen daily or definitely weekly.....Why not now?

From my own point of view I tear myself up with the household chores and juggling a family, a business and my part time job and then in any spare time (usually not much) I tend to just collapse. We don't really go anywhere or do anything different which also made me think about my writing. If I have no experiences what can I possibly write about?

So what's the 90 day change? Well as of tomorrow morning it will be 90 days until I go on holiday and there are a few aspects of my life I need to change ( Life is way too short! - As we deal with what's happening above) So I will be looking at FAMILY!!! Clearly, Health, Productivity, Mind, Home, Creativity, Experiences, Feelings, Emotions and generally putting my time to good use rather than beating myself up when I could have done something different.

Life is for living........EXPRESS YOURSELF (In the words of Salt 'n' Pepa)

Yorkshire Pud xxx

Ps. Do you know where I'm coming from do you have a similar outlook and need a change? #Yorkshirepud90 

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