I lost my bank card!

Evening all and hope you've enjoyed your bank holiday!
Anyone reading this lost their bank card...check? Then their car keys.....check? Late for the appointment they were trying to leave the house to get to....check? Then basically the rest of their day went to shit.....check? I'm not here today to give you some awesome solution as like my last post I can't please everyone I'm just here to talk about craziness and life generally and how when looking back I kind of deal with the situations and try and change my pattern ongoing...through life that is. Writing it down helps me with remembering and then putting the changes in place and basically putting things into perspective.

So this day I lost my bank card, my sunglasses was running late for an appointment for George at hospital (Bank card to pay for parking!!) and then almost all of my day went crackers and I couldn't seem to pull it round. It wasn't until I was in the bath that night and actually started to breathe that I let myself put things into perspective. 

1. The Bank Card disappearing act! Why had I lost it? The reason was because we only have one bank card for our (Family) account so my other half had borrowed it and I wasn't sure where it had ended up? Was it important? Yes! But not unable to be fixed with a bit of forward planning. Should we have a 'safe place'? A place where we both know to put it or should I order another one? hahaha.....ANSWERED!!!

2. Sunglasses for the car journey misplaced. Important...NOPE! Just used my sun visor instead. Clearly not as cool but nothing to lose my cool about! Or just buy a £1 pair of Primarni's and leave them in the car.........SORTED!!!!

3. George's hospital appointment Important....HELL YES!!! But if I'm a bit late then give them a call I'm not normally late for anything like that so what would be the issue running ten mins behind we are usually waiting for the NHS for an hour after our slot anyway!! 
So this is my way of just stating that taking yourself outside of the muddle you find yourself in and when molehills feel like mountains sometimes they are generally not so just chill and enjoy your days and learn from things. Don't waste a perfectly lovely long days with stresses when things can be easily remedied.


Peace out and word up.....THE END

Yorkshire Pud xxx  
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