When can you say it feels like Christmas?

Ey up!
When can you officially say it's Christmas time?
When can you start playing Christmas songs?
When can your Christmas tree and decorations go up?
When can you wear your Christmas head wear to work? Ha ha ha!!
In answer I would say....WHENEVER YOU BLOODY WANT TO!!!

I'm writing this blog post to all the people who I've seen already celebrating Christmas and those that are quick to mentally judge them by blasting them that's it's still November.
Yep it is all based on other peoples views however whatever you think is acceptable then go for it! What was the song again by Wizzard? oh yes 'Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday!' and if that's the way you wanted to play it then that's entirely up to you! When Christmas starts is when YOU want it to. Me personally will possibly do everything from the 1st of December on wards as I feel opening my advent calender is like opening the door to Christmas - Weird? Yes but it's MY way of looking at it. I saw this picture the other day on Instagram and I found it hilarious!

Again this is someones opinion! If you want to start Christmas now then i'd go for it. If you want to start it in April then do so (Expect weird looks) but if that's what you want to do then do it!
Christmas time is about enjoying ourselves, spending time with family and friends and shopping!!!! So do what makes you happy?
What are your views on this? Are you celebrating already or are you waiting for that specific date cause you feel you need to? Or are you sick of Christmas already before it's started?
would love to hear your views on this.

Yorkshire Pud xx

P.s  Grow some balls and put your tree up!!!
P.p.s My old post on putting my Christmas tree up is here.