Our new shop! at The Nichols Building in Sheffield

Hey all, long time no write! But it's all been a go go go here at Pud's Palace :)
Let me kick off by letting you guys know that Yorkshire Pud now has a little shop in The Nichols Building Art Centre....How amazeballs is that??!! Myself and and my best friend Gareth over at Gster's Beauty have clubbed together and managed to nab some very sort after space there (When I do say shop I mean amazingly fabulous cabinet by the way) If your from Sheffield or nearby then hopefully you'll know where I mean or have visited before? If you're intrigued and want to know more please just take a look at the TNB Indie Arcade Facebook Page here.
Our stocked little shop
If you do get chance to pop down to The Nichols Building then Yorkshire Pud and Gster's Beauty are on the ground floor actually in the TNB Indie Arcade.There is so much to do there so its well worth a visit for all the beautiful vintage items, craft pieces and crazy one off's you can buy and browse! Also there is a cafe on the second floor should you need some food and drink to keep you going through all the treasures! haha.
The Nichols Building - Sheffield (Image taken from Google)
For those of you that don't know what Yorkshire Pud (That's me) does I shall be selling my handmade and vintage items through my blog soon (so keep your eyes peeled)...This time next year Pudders I'll be a millionaire! Haha.

Yorkshire Pud xxx