Taking your baby abroad? My advice on feeding, nappies and sterilising

On Sunday my lovely little family and I returned home from our 2 week holiday to Portugal. It was the first time we've gone abroad with George and believe me the thought of taking a 5 month old out of the country scared me to death! The reason being is the unknown...George is such a home bird and likes his creature comforts (As do I) so the thought and actually doing it was a scary one. I was terrified of forgetting something and not being able to get it or something happening and the language barrier stopping us for sorting something.
After asking around on Facebook for advice and searching websites on what to do with baby milk at the airport? how many nappies do I take on holiday? Can I buy Cow & Gate milk abroad? etc I still felt terrified! And my friends did give some excellent advice. So here's my top tips based on our experiences and information I got.

1. Taking baby milk for the journey through customs?
The answer is YES and we didn't have to taste it! Best thing to do is buy the ready made baby milk in your chosen brand (We used Cow & Gate) and as long as it's sealed and you admit to having them they are fine. Also George was already going through a bottle as we went through. This had to go through separately (In its own tray through the scanner but there was no issue). Coming back was the same roughly apart from the fact we forgot about one bottle in our bag and it was being sent off for tests and all sorts! Major tip...make sure you present all milk to the officers at customers when trying to return home! Haha very scary moment as the abroad police have guns!!!

2. How many nappies should I take?
To be fair this is entirely up to you and also it depends on how long you are going for. Although nappies are light for your luggage they do take up quite a bit of space. And as a baby doesn't get a luggage allowance?!? Then it's probably best to put enough in your case for you use for a couple of days and then buy some more while you are over their. Even if you can get your normal brand there are always options that we found just as good if not better and loads cheaper.

3. How I sorted out my baby milk for while I was on holiday.
As I mentioned earlier George is on Cow and Gate and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get this abroad. Even though everyone said I could get this over there I was still wanting to take some to make sure. When I thought about putting it in the case I had a crazy feeling that someone would think I was smuggling drugs! Or that it would break and go everywhere. It's too heavy for hand luggage and with everything else in there George related so I decided to call the airport and they told me that they had a Boots through customs. So I got the number and gave them a ring. I thought I would check on what the best thing was to do because if I bought my baby milk from there I could take it thought as hand luggage after customs. I was right! The best thing to do is order it on line at Boots.com and then have it delivered to the Boots airside of your chosen airport (make sure they have a Boots!) I collected my full order when I got through, not on my luggage allowance and not taking the risk of not being able to buy it overseas......Simples!

4. Sterilising bottles when abroad.
This totally depends on how your holidaying (Is that a word?) Luckily for us we were in a villa with it's own kitchen so we didn't have to take the sterilising unit...thank the lord! But the options we had were great..sterilising tablets? microwave steriliser? microwavable bags? We went for the bags option. I'm not sure if you've seen these before but they were new to me. Munchkin do these and we got them from Kiddicare. These were only 4.99 for 3 bags and each bag has 20 uses each. These are so light to carry and small so hardly take up any room.
Hope my ramblings have helped you out if your thinking of travelling soon with your little one.

Yorkshire Pud x