Its all about braids! Youtube video help and learning....Send me your pics!

I'm noticing more and more braids appearing in magazines, the Internet and on the TV. Are you? If your like me you'll remember being a little lass having the 'auntie' or somebody's big sister who could do them for you as they were cool! But then they seemed to disappear within a cloud of uncoolness and then for some reason nobody could do them anymore!? Well if you are like me and have managed to get to your 30's without being able to do them then I think that might be why but also it's made me want to now learn? So whilst I was on holiday I watched a few youtube vids and managed to have a crack myself in fact my best friend over at Gsters Beauty said they made me look younger!!! I'm all for that if possible...who wouldn't be!
So here's my holiday attempt...
What do you think?
Not yet attempted a full head braid but I'm going to give it a go soon! I found the following youtube videos really helpful....

Hope I've given you some inspiration! What do you think? Are you a french plait / braid virgin or was I all alone on this?
If you have a go please feel free to send me a pic to or tag me in on Instagram @ypudsvintage I'd love to see them and if I get enough I will create a post with my favourites!

Look forward to receiving them...

Yorkshire Pud xx