Becoming a BzzAgent and my first YouTube video (Frizz Ease)!

I'm here to tell you today about me recently becoming a Bzz Agent (yep Im not spelling it wrong). Being a Bzz Agent means you get products sent your home and all you have to do  is spread the fabulous word about them. You start by filling in loads of mini surveys about yourself and then from those Bzz invite you to do campaigns. It's totally in your control and even though you've been invited to take part based on your answers to surveys you then have to apply for them if it's something you'd like to do or more importantly try out - For free!! Find out more details here.

So as part of 'spreading the word' for my first Bzz Campaign one of the options was for me to put together a mini tutorial/review so I thought I'd give it a bash! So here it is.......Yeah Yorkshire Pud is definitely from Yorkshire! Check out my accent haha.

So from my video you can possibly tell I was quite pleased with my first products being sent to me by BzzAgent. Honestly guys it's a great way to try new products and give your opinions on them and more importantly try them for free! You will be seeing more and more of these products up on my blog in the next few months so stay tuned.

Are you involved in anything similar to this? Is it something you'd like to do? Would love to hear from you.

Yorkshire Pud xx