Simple Valentines Food Ideas.....Nom Nom Nom

Hey lovelies (Get it LOVElies!! hahaha) Oh I do amuse myself!
Well this post is about FOOD - Love a bit of grub I do. Us Yorkshire birds know how to put a Sunday dinner away a tell thee.
So going through the old Pinterest again I was looking for some scrummy ideas for the petrol of love. Here are some that I thought I should share cause they are just far too scrummy. I'm not going to have much time on Friday so these ideas are pretty simple to have a crack at. Definitely no royal icing etc....

Watermelon Love Hearts
Simple yet very effective don't you think?.....See here for more details

Carrot Love Hearts
How splendid are these to go on your roast dinner, in a stir fry or in a salad maybe? So cute but not with much effort? Fabulous!

Love Eggs! (Not the ones you're thinking about!)
The Love Eggs were taken from a lovely blog called Homemaker Chic where there are another 25 heart shaped foods for you to have a crack at including her version of the carrots. Absolutely gorgeous!

Strawberry Kebabs
Fabulous heart shaped strawberry kebabs great to eat with dipping chocolate or if you are on a health kick still from the new year then they would be lovely on their own. from the gorgeous blog Blowout Party

Hope this has given you a few ideas on creating some lovely love nibbles for this weekend.

YP xx