Revamped photo frame for less than a quid!

Here I am again trying to get summert for nowt or next to nowt (As they say in Yorkshire!) So when I picked up this old photo frame it seemed rude not to have a go at jazzing it up.
So here it goes....

Take 1 old photo frame bought from a Charity Shop for 50p
Then these little beauties I bought from eBay ages ago. These are a bit like washi tape but they are on flat card and already cut into strips :) and in loads of different patterns and colours. These were 1.99 for the whole pack with free delivery (From China so did take a couple of weeks - But well worth it!)

Start by taking your photo frame apart (Carefully as I nearly had me finger off with the glass!!) Note to self. So then I was left with the bare frame.
I roughly sanded the front of the frame so that is wasn't as shiny meaning that the tape would stick better to it.
I then started adding strips of the tape from inner to out edge of the frame trying to be as straight as I could.
I continued to do this all the way around the frame (The corners were a bit tricky) And I think it looks awesome! What do you think?
This is the finished article with a picture of me and my lovely fella! It possibly took me around 45 mins to do and that was more trying to keep my tape straight. You could mark it off beforehand but I tend to just throw myself in and hope for the best! haha.

So how much did it cost? 50p for the frame and not even used anywhere near all of the tape I would probably hazard a guess at about 40p's worth. 
So all in all it cost = 90p!! Not bad at all!

Have you made anything recently for next to nothing? It's fab isn't it makes you feel like you've cheated?

YP xx