Make Money - MARCH!! (Cause maternity pay is shite!)

Well as most of you are aware 15 weeks ago I gave birth to my son George and I am now on maternity leave from work. Before George I never really thought about money other than spend, spend some more and a little bit more. Not that I was earning loads of dosh but without thinking I really lived to my means and for the last couple of days of the month your taking Super Noodles to work for your dinner and thinking about walking in to save petrol! Haha. Sound like you? Now I've had George it's really made me realise the value of money if I'd known then what I know now I would have saved and saved and saved. Maternity pay is shite! Anyone else think so? So with all of the blokes wages looking after the house and other commitments we are virtually left with bugger all however we not in poverty just living differently to before. This made me think...Do you just grab whatever in the supermarket i.e named brands etc...? Do you see that bargain on the Internet and just have to buy it? Someone asks you to go out for the night and you know you don't have enough money but still go anyway? This is totally how me and the bloke lived BG (Before George) You get 136 quid on maternity per week and we cant claim anything else because we've earned too much in the last tax year!! Other than 20 quid a week child benefit! Someone please punch the government in the face! I know that 136 pounds is ok but you cant live on it if you have a house and bills to pay etc...Good job I have my bloke otherwise we wouldn't survive.

So now my rant is over I'm going to start thinking about how I can bring a little more cash into the house pot. So what can I do? Also we have our holiday booked for the end of April! (Bearing in mind I have a new baby in the house)........

Ebay....Generally I'm going to go through my items and see what I could sell that really I'm not doing anything with.

Cash for Clothes....For all the bits and bobs of clothing that no one would want - Normally I would donate to the charity shop however I need to see if I can make a bit of dosh of my unwanted items. (Post will follow with details)

Not spend anything on randoms!.....By randoms I mean that trip to Home Bargains and you end up leaving with a photo frame, new bedding and a years supply of Domestos because it's cheap and amazing! No no no must resist the temptation!

Homemade Crafts and Jewellery.......As most of you are aware I have a little pastime which I haven't really pushed the boundaries of yet and that's making stuff. I'm going to push myself and continue to make more and try and sell them (Fingers Crossed) I generally list on eBay or post pics on Instagram - Feel free to browse my wears haha.

Be more thrifty when weekly shopping....Is there an alternative? Only get what I need (Have a list and plan my meals!) Also use as much stuff in the cupboards before hand and definitely not go shopping when I'm hungry.

Internet Options of making extra dollars!....Whist reading one of my fave blogs A Thrifty Mrs a few weeks ago she wrote about a site called QMEE you literally get paid for surfing the net and clicking on sponsored links etc.. might only be a few pence but it's still that 'every little counts. Also there are a few other ones I will try (Post to follow on this)

Food..By that I don't mean eat less! I just mean less waste - We waste sooooo much food it's unreal by not check sell by dates and not using what's already in to the full capacity. Also George is due to go on solids next month so going to have a go at making my own baby food.

So have I missed anything? Do you have anymore ideas or do you feel the same as me and are living on a tighter budget due to having a family?

March is going to be fun I can see it now!