Easy Valentines Craft Ideas - For your home or love grotto!

Love is in the air! Anyone else starting to feel scrumptious and full of love or do you feel like that every day? I'm lucky enough to feel it every day but I still like to celebrate the day of love, however it's going to be slightly different this year after the arrival of our George haha.
Just thought I'd round up a few ideas I found on Pinterest in creating a little extra pizazz to your love nest this year......I might even have a crack at some of these myself cause I'm feeling in the mood for L.O.V.E!

Love Heart Lanterns
I absolutely adore these love heart lanterns and even the kids could get involved with the cutting and the sticking. So pretty and will look great as a valentines dinner centre piece or as a added extra to a fireplace.
You can find details here on how to make them.

Simple Heart Garlands
All that's needed for this is strips of paper and a stapler! Sooooo cute - Definitely going to have a go at this one!

Love Heart Tree Decoration
How gorgeous is this!?? Literally twigs out of the garden and little paper love hearts attached! Make sure all twigs are debugged! haha. Soooo adorable.

Simple Valentines Door Decoration
With this one just grab some paper, scissors and a pencil and get creating your love message. These things don't have to just be confined to a door  you could do this on the fridge, walls or in the garden (Weather permitting) Also be careful on what you attach things with don't want anyone ruining their decor!

Hope some of these have inspired you....Please let me know how you get on (instagram @ypudsvintage - Feel free to tag me in)
Will keep you posted on how my valentines grotto is taking place. More ideas still to come!

YP xx