Is it a little late for New Years Resolutions?

Hey peeps,
Well better late than never but needed to make some New Years Resolutions. I made these earlier on but not sure that I've acted upon them yet! Did you make any? If so have you stuck to them? So here's mine.....
1. Lose the baby weight! 14 weeks until 2 weeks in Portugal - Get in!! Can not wait to go but defo need to shed a few of the pounds. Luckily I didn't get 1 stretch mark so just need to tighten up. So any tips would be great!
2. Enjoy and use my maternity wisely! By that I mean get the most of the time I have now to spend with George as when I need to go back to work it's going to be very difficult to see him grow up. Although I'm going back part time it's still time away from George :(
3.Put more time into Yorkshire Pud! By that I mean my writing and crafts. It's what I love doing! Now I'm not at work I have a bit of extra time to put into making my jewellery again and learning new crafts it's excellent! And you all know how much I like a rant and I'd like to be able to write more of that down.
4. Organise my home! Much needed process that need to take place within the YP mansion. I did start this last year and went/tried to go on some mad de-cluttering mission but it didn't really go to plan as when I got into the latter stages of pregnancy I began to feel soooooo tired but now I'm healed it's about time I cracked on with this!

And 1 extra on that's not on the list.......

5.Be more thrifty!!! Being on a full time wage and then going onto SMP is a downer and a massive reality check on how I spend my money. It's crazy how important it becomes. So definitely need to get to grips with this over the next few months so will be posting any tried and tested money saving tips/buys!

If you have got any please let me know and also if you've got any ideas or help on any of the above for me it would be so much appreciated.

Take care

YP x