Did I breast feed?? Did I boobies!!!!

Hey all!

I'm back!!! Slightly more wobbly, not as heavy (just) and definitely more tired! So what's happened?.....George will be 8 weeks old tomorrow! Wow that has flown can't believe it! Sorry I've not posted for a while having a young un proper takes it out of you a tell thee. 

So here goes I'm not quite back into my jeans yet but all in all I'm heading in the right direction so not gonna be posting any outfit posts just yet unless you have a wide screen on your reading device as my bottom is larger than it was haha! Not really feeling beautiful either so a beauty post is out of the question and just about getting my craft mojo back so will post something on that soon....watch this space! What I want to do now is take the opportunity to have a bit of a rant (not like me I know! Haha) 
In a word or two....BREAST-FEEDING!! possibly not of interest to most but to me this has been one major bugbear of mine! Before George arrived I was always open to the idea of breast feeding and was going to give it a go for the first couple of weeks but move to bottle after so I could start to get my life back and also get help from the bloke when it came to night feeds (plus the bloke said he would have felt a bit helpless which I totally understood) WELL....as I stated I would give breast feeding a go at the hospital this then clearly gave the midwives permission to 'milk' me in my sleep!!! As the birth didn't go as expected I was quite out of it and as you would image I was very surprised to wake and find a midwife helping herself to my juicy goodness! Not happy! I let it go as I wanted George to get the first bit the good bit as it were. George did not like this way of feeding and I was told that 'EVERY' baby likes breastfeeding?? Eh? I don't think so! When he managed a mouthful I was cheered on like a child learning how to read it was dreadful! By the second night in hospital with a hungry baby in tow and stitches in places I'd rather not talk about I lost the plot and asked for a bottle of formula for the 100th time (previously refused!) it was 4am and George was crying and even then I got questioned and told 'Breast is best' I began to lose my temper at this point and insisted quite firmly that I had a bottle which I did actually get! Hooray!!! 30 mins later with a screaming baby! Thank you.
Once home I was contacted by my local 'breast feeding counsellor' and I explained all to which I was yet again tried to be made to do it even though George wasn't happy and neither was I!? Just what is important!?! My babies and my health or some government numbers? 

Sorry for the rant guys but has anyone else experienced this!? Why are you made to feel like a bad mum if you simply can't or don't want to breast feed, it's absolutely ridiculous! Happy to say my George is bottle fed and has been ever since hospital as I feel that the pressure you are out under is extremely intense and unnecessary. Whatever the tactics are of the nhs to get more women to breast feed in my case it couldn't have had more of an adverse effect especially when I was up for giving it a go.

What do you think?

Back soon with more posts and less rants! Promise.

Yorkshire Pud xxx