George has arrived!!...2 weeks early! xx

Hey all,
Again apologises for the lack of posts however I knew something wasn't quite right when I posted last. I was feeling very off and didn't have an ounce of get up and go that I'd had throughout the rest of my pregnancy. I know they say towards the end that being pregnant just hits you and you get really tired but this seemed to be coming on loads earlier than planned!? On Friday 8th of November I did my last day in full time work (and was going to do an extra week!!!) by Monday the 11th the hospital said I was in slow labour??? And on Wednesday 13th of Nov (due date 27th of November)our son George was born at 11:45pm 👶 weighing in at a tiny 6.4lbs couldn't believe it with the size of me!! It was quite scary as George had the cord wrapped twice around his neck and was a forceps delivery and took a considerable amount of time to breathe unaided but thanks to everyone he made it and is now our little bundle of joy. 

I am one happy mama living in a happy world with my happy little family :) Yorkshire Pud will be back on track soon with more of my creations, straight talking and general nonsense. Thanks my readers for being patient and I hope you can understand why I've been AWOL. Take care xxxx