NEXT Wish list ........Meadowhall better watch out am telling thee post bump!

Hey all, Don't know about you lot but I absolutely love Autumn and Winter fashion loads more than the summer stuff possibly because I've never been keen on my timbers (legs) as I've always reminded myself of a footballer haha. So the thought of knitted tights and corduroy trousers keeps me going through the summer months haha sad but true.

This year it's very different for me. The usual stuff I'd like to wear is now unavailable to me :( well at least until November/December (Wishful thinking) will possibly be more like January/February depending on how fast I can shift the extra 2 stone I've put on!

I now call shopping my 'torture time' especially when going with my 'normal size' friends who can basically look at every rack and imagine themselves out and about in it. For those of you that don't know I live in Sheffield, Yorkshire so my nearest haunt to do a proper shop would be Meadowhall. Any of you been? There's a car park I generally use which is at the NEXT (The shop) entrance so I have to walk through here before I get to Mothercare and H&M baby etc......It's like HELL! Hell being a place of forbidden fruit where I can look but can't touch. Gutted as the Meadowhall branch for Next used to have a Maternity section and now it doesn't? Not sure why? So at least I could have perused that whilst my friends went round the copious amounts of available clothes to them. Bitter?? YES!!! Where has the maternity section gone in Meadowhall Mr or Mrs Next?

In order to torture myself further I thought I would share some of the items in which my body longs to be wearing over the next couple of months but obviously to no joy....Why am I doing this to myself? Therapy perhaps?

Day Wear

This whole outfit comes to £85.50 which I don't think is bad and it even includes the earrings!! Take a look here.

Night Wear

Absolutely loving this bag! Whole outfit comes to £69.00 Bargain or what!!? Need this outfit in my life ASAP - Take a look here.

Just from these 2 outfits can you understand the stress I'm under? Any other pregnant ladies out there looking forward to shopping post bump?

Cheers guys YP xx