Just got to show you this!....eBay buy using the Money Saving Expert app Local Ebay Deals

Hey there,

Don't normally do post like this but for those of you that follow me on Instagram (If you don't and want to follow link is here @ypudsvintage) you'll have seen that I have currently been sorting out my living room ready for the influx of family members once George is here. I noticed that my corner suite will only house about 3 peoples bottoms so I got it into my head that I needed an extra chair that extra chair soon became a 'feature chair' haha. So I thought I'd start looking. Saw some amazing ones but the ones I liked were slightly out of my price range with a bambino on the way!

So back to my gorgeous bargain this is the Chair I found it on 'Money Saving Experts Local eBay Deals' if you haven't used this before then download the app and bookmark it immediately!You can find it here.

And here it is! What do you think? Got this for the bargain price of £77.10 and the great thing was that it was literally 1.2 miles away from where i live! No P&P and closer than any local furniture store.

Gorgeous Material!

B&M Bargain! New Cushion
Couldn't get one more matching if i tried and it was just around the corner!
What do you think lovelies? Have you bought anything groovy off eBay lately would love to hear about it?

Laterz peeps

Yorkshire Pud xx