Why why why was it George!?

Hey there guys,
Sorry for the delay in post writing recently I'm going to put it down to nesting! Yeah I'm actually nesting!!

Well for those of you that read my blog, follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook will know that the moment I found out  I was having a little boy I made it clear that his name was George. George is a very special name to both our families. Stefan's granddad was a George on his dads side, my Great-granddad was called George on my mum's side and on my dad's side my Great-granddad was called George so we felt we had to carry the name on and also I knew of no one calling or had called their baby George.....how wrong was I haha!! As most of you will be aware the Royal Baby has been named yep..GEORGE and now I get 'What are you calling him?' 'George' 'Oh like Prince George' my head response is shouting..NOOOOOOO LIKE OUR GRANDADS! But I have to hold back and state the whole Granddad story again and again. I'm dreading the midwife saying this as I am giving birth and then losing the plot during the hormonal experience and me clocking her. Not sure why I feel so strongly about this but don't want to be seen as a copier! haha.
I've got a strange feeling there are going to be about 6 George's in my child's class with parents that are actual Royal copiers and don't want to be in that ring. Am I taking this far too far or do you understand where I'm coming from? My baby boy will still be called George and I know the real reasoning behind his name just sick of the full explanation every time I say it.

Yorkshire Pud xx

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