Back in the world of blogging! YP has got a new laptop! And is GFC still working?

Hey Pudini's,

How you all diddling? Well only managed to bag myself a new laptop out of the lovely other half so now I'm in my element! Got my own little comfy spot in the living room and away i will be typing. Not had much luck lately with techno items and hormones are a raging so things may have been broken?? haha.
Firstly is it me or is GFC still actually working? I seem to be out of the loop and not sure what the devil is going on? The widget is still on my blog and i seem to still be reading other blogs through Blogger without any issues? If it's just me then can someone give me a heads up please cause I have no clue. I am secretly hoping that it was a pile of poop and we are still living in a GFC world.

Well like I said now I have my new shiny laptop I'm back in the world of the living bloggers and posts shall not been completed in haste upon some randoms pc during a 10 minute gap. My readers require my gripping, informative posts on how to 'decorate a sweetie jar' and 'what kind of hat to wear' I promise I shall be delivering! haha.

Thanks all for your patience and thanks to my wonderful husband of the future for the pressie :)


Yorkshire Pud x