Autumn is here!! - 50 things to do in Autumn and Winter

Hey lovelies,

Well Autumn is officially here again and for those of you that have been reading my ramblings for quite some time will remember I started a challenge last year 'Autumn and Winter Challenge 50 list'
It is what it says on the tin........50 things to do in autumn and winter!
I had a good bash at it last year but being new to blogging and moving into my new house put a whole lotta pressure on however I've decided to give it another bash this year (Yes my baby is due on the 27th of Nov!) and see if I can clear some more of the 50 off around my life's little obstacles or I might revisit some of the ones I did before.

Here's a few pictures of what I got up to last year and here's the link for my page above with all the list details and the full blog posts of what I actually completed. In fact looking back I was particularly lame :( 
Original blog post here too!

 #7 Take a walk in the leaf blanketed woodland
 #28 Carve a pumpkin
#38 Keep the sweetie jar stocked in case of emergencies
#47 Find some Zooey Deschanel /Jess style inspired glasses

So here goes to Autumn and Winter 2013 Challenge 50 - 50 things to do in Autumn & Winter!

Let me know if you're doing something similar? Would love to see it!
Also keep me posted on if you try the challenge too would love to see what you get up to :)

Thanks for reading

Yorkshire Pud