Blast from the past! - Jem & The Holograms

Blast from the past......You know how I love to just be insanely random and harp on about stuff that’s sometimes neither here nor there, well this is one of them posts. I had a thought the other day about my childhood favourite stuff and on my 8th birthday I got a Jem doll!! Yep you heard me a Jem doll! – For those of you not born in the 80’s you might not know what I’m babbling on about but Jem was a bit like a Barbie but she was a rock star!! She had candy floss pink hair and a pair of flashing earrings!!! Yeah you heard me right...FLASHING EARRINGS! They switched on with a little switch at the back of her neck a little like actions man’s moving eyes. Jem was the lead singer in a bang called the Holograms and all members had crazy coloured hair and mad names. Neon was the way forward with her fashion and she had a leather jacket......she was hot!!  I went on to collect so many clothes for her and even started designing and making my own Jem ra ra skirts out of crepe paper. I made a pink wig out of pink wool and actually wanted to be her she was my idol J - Possibly a bit like child stars like Hanna Montana etc but this was based on a doll not a real person.  Jem was was an alter ego and Jessica by day so it gave her a normal side.
Glitter n Gold Jem - One of the dolls I actually had!
I had the microphone, amp and cassette tape with Jem and the Holograms’s music on to which I knew all the words and would keep myself entertained for hours.

Crazy how things pop into your mind and just thought I’d share haha.
Do you remember the Jem doll?

What was your childhood toy?
Ta for reading xx