5 Things.......What I miss about school

Hey all,
Gonna try something new here so I let my readers understand more about who I am and what kind of person I am rather than what I wear, what I can make etc.........So here's where '5 Things' will start.

Firstly thought I would start with 'What I miss about school'...here goes!

1.  That the days were so much shorter than the working one today! 9:00am-3:00pm a massive 6 hours and at 15 years old I can remember thinking what a long day it was....if only I knew. Today my working day is roughly 8am-6pm - Any chance of a time machine?

2. More from pre-school or reception but the sand and water massive tubs that used to be indoors :) What was all that about? Fabulous stuff. You could play with sand and water inside and make sand castles everyday...being from Sheffield that was exciting stuff.

3. Covering your hands in PVA glue purposefully and then peeling it off on the bus ride home. Absolutely mental but it had to be done.

4. School Dinners. Cheese pie, chips and beans!!!!!! Oh my days who didn't love Cheese pie, chips and beans. Has anyone else ever come close to getting the same cheese pie? My stepmum makes a mean cheese pie - Happy days.

5. School holidays! 6 weeks and the whole of the summer - Need I say more?

What do you remember from your school days? What's the thing you missed most?

Yorkshire Pud xx